The Race: Date, schedule and participants of the Karts race of Djmariio

The events between the Streamers and YouTubers community do not stop. This time you get the turn to djmariio with The Race , your Karts competition in which up to 20 influencers will have to step on the accelerator to be the first to reach the finish line.

A great career for FIFA YouTuber has proposed to make an excellent selection of personalities that will have to face numerous surprises during the test. So, let’s rush everything you need not to miss the appointment.

Date and time for The Race

It will be from 19: 00, Spanish peninsular schedule (12: 00h on CDMX) of March 31 When the lights will be green and all the hair will be running on the track.

Where to see The Race

Very easy. You only have to enter from that time on the YouTube channel of the Djmariio itself. Everything you see on the screen will be happening in rigorous direct, so you will be living at once all the overtaking and stops at Boxes.

The Race competition format

Easy, simple and for the whole family rules. Everything will consist of a team classification , where of each team the fastest 3 will compete in a race of 12 pilots, on the other hand the 2 slowest of each team will face another race of 8 pilots.

It will be at that moment when the points are added to check the winners and eye, the thing will not end here. This will result in other more exciting and promising surprises races.

Participants in The Race

Missing the equipment is defined, but what we do have clear is the coming grill that comes very juicy. These are all the pilots who will participate:

  • Djmariio
  • cacho01
  • NOE
  • Jaime Lorente
  • Karchezz
  • Rubius
  • Alexby
  • aroyitt
  • Ander
  • Beniju
  • Spursito
  • Cristobal Soria
  • elreyguiri

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  • TheGrefg
  • Alphasniper
  • Bytarifa
  • vicens

Presenters and commentators of The Race

Obviously before an event of these characteristics, it is necessary to have great voices that nose what is happening. This will be, with two specialized sports journalists and with one of the most recognizable faces of the world of Streamers. These are the commentators:

  • Cristinini
  • Miguel Ángel Román
  • Víctor Abad

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