April, April: The jokes of gaming

Today on April 1, 2022 you let your newspages, Twitter, Facebook and best at all the whole internet simply (except Twitter of course, lol) . Because on this day of the Schabernback you can basically not trust anything, because most of the prepared jokes should be fooled.

Also this year, some game developers have gone up again and, for example, have published fake patches or bizarre events as April Foole, which we show you below. We update this article when new April Fools happen – so it is worthwhile to look in more often. And be honest, so stupid the jokes may be, we still count on the developers that they are still in this time Something funny for your communities.

Pokémon Go: April-Special Research with Dr. med. Dillow

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In Pokémon Go appears. Willow something strange. No wonder, because on April 1, 2022, the game was taken over by the shape-change Pokémon Ditto. The associated special research is **** but actually genuine and not only invented. In just three simple steps, you snapped at the event of nice rewards and turns on an encounter with Ditto at the end.

WoW Patch 9.4 – Beyond the End of Infinity: The Final Everything Starting Forever

GAMING w/ PATRICK STAR! FUNNIEST FGTEEV VIDEO! Pokemon Go Jokes #20 Gen1 Pokedex Spongebob Style
Patch 9.4 by Wow holds a new battles, a dungeon and a lot of class changes. Players may fall into the fight with the new class “Tinker Leaker ” and Death Knight have spent so much time in the shadows that they are now called “knights” . The developers make it very obvious that Patch 9.4 is an April Foole. Each class gets her fat in amusing ways and there are some more patch notes for occupations and general changes. You have to give you that!

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