E3s 2022 will be officially canceled. Offline Online

American Game Industry Group Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced that it does not hold online events on the world’s largest game event “E3 (Electronic Entertainment EXPO)” on March 31. ESA has already announced that ESA will not have an offline event already. This announcement eliminates the prospect of online holding, and E3 of 2022 is officially canceled.

E3 was held as a venue for American Los Angeles Convention Center. Although only industry officials can enter, the number of visitors in recent years has more than 60,000 people. It was held as the world’s largest event. But the wind direction has changed 2020. Due to the effects of new coronavirus, the same year was canceled. The following 2021 will be held as the first online event. Events such as Showcas by Press Conference and Exhibitors of each company were distributed online, and it was done in a form that anyone could watch. And in January this year, a policy will be announced this January this year. After March 31, it was announced that no online event will be held.

ESA refers to the E3 to be held in E3 held in both the online offline in the summer of 2023, in the presentation. When you enjoy local devices, the showcase in 2023 is expected to make the community media industry integrally through new formats and interactive experiences.

The trend of major Publisher et al. E3 is also attracting attention. Already, Electronic ARTS reveals that the overseas media IGN will be held through the company’s event EA Play Live in 2022. In addition, information is also waiting for the event holding of the event of the company’s E3 season.

E3 OFFICIALLY CANCELED... // What Happens Now?
The next E3 will be held in 2023.

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