“Metal Gear” 35th Anniversary site appeared? April Fool or also …

Random: Metal Gear 35th Anniversary Site Appears, And We Don't Know What To Think
The Stealth ACT Breakfast “ Metal Gear series released in 1987 will be 35th anniversary this year. Later is a book series that will boast a great popularity in the world as “ Metal Gear Solid “, but a site to celebrate the 35th anniversary.

On the website, only the promised “!” Mark and “35th” characters are listed. There is no announcement from the Konami Digital Entertainment formula at the time of article writing (2022/04/01 12:30), but the web address “MetalGear35th” and “(Metal Gear 35th Anniversary) Official Web You can guess from the site to the same work.

However, in the past, we purchase an address that was once a silent hill official site, and the Joke page also presents the Twitter post of the Symmetry Designer Ito. In addition, the release date may be April Fools, and you can not deny the possibility of being a mischief.

By the way, the official commemorative planning of the “Devil Castle Dracula” series, which also reached the 35th anniversary, was sold NFT art. Even if the site is genuine, it may be early to announce the new work and the time to be pleased.

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