Final Fantasy XIV presents new RAID and revised its PVP in the update 6.1

Final Fantasy XIV receives the following big spot 6.1 on April 12th.

This can be found in spot 6.1: With the upgrade 6.1 begins in FFXIV a brand-new huge phase, which brings customarily a whole collection of brand-new material with it. In the letter of the manufacturer (Real-time Letter) this web content existed.

Gamers can anticipate the extension of the tale. After the fantastic story has actually finished around the 2 gods Hydaelyn and Zodiark in the Addon Endwalker, the player personalities begin right into an entirely brand-new journey.

It will likewise offer the following brand-new web content as usual:

There is additionally a number of smaller adjustments as well as updates, such as calling card, brand-new hairstyles, installs and outfits, the trip between data centers as well as balance modifications for battle work.

  • New 24-man Raid transforming around the 12 gods of Eorzea
  • New severe exam
  • New dungeon
  • New dream test
  • New ultimate raid battle versus King Thordan
  • The crazy side pursuits from Hildibrand are continued
  • A collection of next-quests that reverse the NPC Tataru
  • Quests for the brand-new tribe of the Arkasodara
  • Dream deliveries for the NPC Ameliance Leveilleur
  • Great revisions in the PVP
  • Modification of the primary tale missions from A Realm Reborn. The obligatory dungeons of the tale can be gotten in from 6.1 with a team of NPCs
  • Real estate in Ishgard, which is granted an unique lotto system

The patch will certainly be launched on April 12, but is divided right into numerous smaller sized patches. This means that not all content will certainly be released directly on the 12th, however partially in the following weeks. You can see the official German trailer right here:

New RAID makes gods to opponents

In the trailer, in addition to specific managers of the RAIDs can be seen. The gods can acknowledge the gods Azeyma, Rhalgr or Nald-Thal. It is obvious that in the course of the 3 RAID sections the gamers could fight all 12 gods.

The very first part of the raid births the name “Aglaia”, which means “gloss” or “natural beauty” in Greek. This proceeds the general subject of Endwalker, which reverses Greek mythology.

According to the present meeting with the Japanese magazine Famitsu, the RAID is a sort of “epilogue” for the background of endwalker. The inquiries and subjects are grabbed, which were not completely treated there.

That’s why it remains in “Misconceptions of the World”: The new 24-man raid of FFXIV focuses on the 12 gods of the residents of Eorzea as well as the truth behind them. These gods work as protective cartridges of arts as well as cities, yet their origin and history are an enigma.

Fans therefore suspect that the RAID will certainly deal with the history of the Convocation of 14, which have actually controlled the planet prior to the division of the globe. Comparable to the 8-man raid pandaemonium. There are still a variety of members of the convocation that have not yet took place despite their value in the story.

Modification of the PVP – New Modes as well as a Period Pass

If an opposing player is in a circle, the crystal will certainly not relocate. It’s a kind of reverse thaw, only with even more violence.

For this, at the very least one gamer should remain in the hit box of the crystal. The speed of the crystal does not rely on the number of gamers are in a circle. She always remains the same.

In the brand-new mode, 2 groups each come versus each various other with 5 players in special arenas. A match takes 5 minutes. The objective is to move a huge crystal from the facility of the sector into the opposing camp.

Live Letter 70 Overview - 6.1 PVP Revamp, Job Adjustments, 24m Raid & More!
On the combating field, the teams do not simply take note of their opponents, yet likewise on their setting. It will certainly drop as well as provide monsters that will make life challenging for you. But additionally acronyms and boosts that can be utilized to fall under the opposing group, for instance in the back.

When getting to certain checkpoints, the crystal is chained and can not be relocated additionally for a long time. The teams must safeguard their settings in time or try to frighten the attackers.

This is Crystalline Conflict: The new PVP setting has already been revealed before the release of the Adds EndWalker. It totally replaces the affordable banquet as well as thanks to the brand-new benefit system also brings fresh wind right into the PVP of FFXIV.

This is exactly how the affordable PVP: For the hardcore Pvpler, there will certainly be a ranking system that you can reach dirt cosmetic incentives. It cooperates 5 pets:

These actions in turn share themselves in several companies designated “increasing celebrities”. So, for instance, bronze 2 on bronze 1, on silver 3 as well as so on. But it is difficult for defeats to fall from silver back in bronze.

To reduce dependence on the therapists, the non-healer tasks obtain abilities that regrow their HP or raise their protection (according to device tips up to 90%). For this, the healers are additionally obtained their own PVP-specific strike spells to defend themselves.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Ruby

This is additionally altered: PVP abilities are basically modified with 6.1. The limitation sound, which was previously separated by all players of a group, will currently be readily available for every player individually and also can be freely made use of by them.

Season pass rather of fixed benefits

With every new large patch, about every 4 months, there will certainly be a masquerade which players can gather Exp in the PVP. The EXP can be accumulated in all PVP activities, it does not always need to be Crystalline Dispute.

When reaching certain levels, you get benefits such as aesthetic products, emotes and also special brand names that you can trade for various other things.

The players do not have to hesitate that they miss out on something. The brand names can be made use of to get the benefits from previous period.

The rewards change: With the start of the brand-new PVP material, there will additionally be brand-new incentives. The reward system is based upon the classic Season Pass, which is understood from shooters such as Fortnite or Cod.

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Final Fantasy XIV receives the following large patch 6.1 on April 12th. It begins the following story hair, which finished with endwalker, brings a 24-man RAID and also inevitably changes the PVP.

It is apparent that in the course of the 3 RAID sections the gamers could deal with all 12 gods.

In the brand-new setting, two groups each come versus each various other with 5 players in special sectors.

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