Open World Delivery Game “The Courier” announced. Delivery of letters to people on mysterious island, enjoy fishing and dog walks between

Publisher’s PM Studios announced an open world delivery game THE COURIER ” that CRESCENT MOON GAMES works on April 1. Corresponding platform is PC (Steam) / Nintendo Switch / PS5 / Xbox Series X | S, scheduled to be delivered within 2022.

Sunday Morning Breakfast Radio Show Ep. 8/6/17

“The Courier” is a work that delivers letters to people on the stage of the island expressed in the open world. A plurality of vast iseas are available, and the main character is unlocked in the delivery of a letter. The island is full of nature, and houses are in place. Also, there seems to be a dungeon area.

Delivery can be done on foot, and you can use bicycles, boats, hang riders, etc. In the trailer, a scene can be used to get over the river using a jumping table on a bicycle. There may also be places where there is no particular vehicle. Also, puzzle elements using the environment are also prepared. Some secrets are hidden on the stage of the stage, and every time you deliver a letter, the storytelling will be sinked.

The island can also challenge various mini games, and this is also a content related to the story of this work. Trailer is fishing, bones are collected while taking a large dog, or mowing, playing musical instruments, and mowing sheep hair. Also, it is unknown whether or not a mini game is unknown, but it is possible to confirm the scene where the bonfire is warmed with a bonfire.

The volume of this work is mentioned at least 8 hours, and an open world game is a relatively compact work. It seems to be developing as a work that can be accepted by the player of which age, and it is likely to be a game play that can enjoy the delivery work on the island. On the other hand, the secret of being hidden on the island will be dark. It will be a work with my mysterious side.

“The Courier” is scheduled to be distributed within 2022 for PC (STeam) / Nintendo Switch / PS5 / Xbox Series X | S.

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