HSV captain Sebastian Schonlau still believes in the climb

At Hamburg SV, it currently runs out of round: From the last five compulsory matches, the reds brought only five points, clearly too little in the exciting race race of the 2nd Bundesliga. Nevertheless, HSV captain Sebastian Schonlau continues to believe in the return to the German Football House.

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Currently, the Hamburger SV ranks, with a completed game less, six points behind the relegation place. The trend clearly speaks against the North Germans. In the past four games, the HSV remained victorious. Sebastian Schonlau is nevertheless convinced of his team.

“There is no reason to doubt us,” said the HSV captain to “compulsory matches Image”. The mentality and quality of the team would be positive for him.

He also defended the philosophy of coach Tim Walter. Schuclau was “absolutely convinced” by the game idea and realized: “We will not move from that”.

The criticism of HSV has no Plan B contradicted the 27-year-old: “Our plan A has so many solutions, is so multi-faceted that he implements plan B yes already. Of course, the opponents can set to us. But if we are this intensity get back to the square and are 100 percent in our game idea, we will have advantages. We decide on the square, what happens. That’s our claim. “

At the same time, the leaders from the team called for: “It must follow deeds. We are now required. We have to see that we have good workouts, are perfectly prepared. That every single player does everything to be at 100 percent at the match days “

Schuclau strengthens HSV colleagues back

Addressed to the most recently low-performance offensive players Sonny Kittel, Schlau strengthened his colleague his back.

“He’s a difference player. We and Sonny have to do everything that he can take more on the game again,” said the defender.

In the remaining eight games, however, the HSV creates a performance increase of all players. On Saturday, the Hanseates meet the SC Paderborn (13:30 clock).

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