London Eye: Everything you need to know the spiritual successor of Marbella Vice in GTA V Roleplay

Roleplay Dogta V returns over high this month with the arrival of London Eye RP, the spiritual successor of Marbella Vice. If last year was a total success among all those who visited the paradise of Marbella, this edition promises a new completely gigantic dimension , as they will pass from a californian and sunny place to the pure street and drizzle climate that distinguishes the London city. Many of those who appeared in 2021 will appear again this year, but emerging stars that have been appearing throughout these last months will be added.

Participants of London Eye RP


  • The list is not yet complete, so we will be filling it as they are confirming more participants

When does London Eye begin?

According to Auronplay himself, the server organized by himself and Jacky will begin this Friday, April 8 , although without a specific time to confirm but that is probably around 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Spanish time. Among the participants we will see, since the wording we really want to see again Borja Pavón , who fell in love with his Rodolfo Mascarpone, or even Korah , who when being a dubbing actor we are very curious about How it will unfold on the streets of London. Although it is true that a favorite will be spoksponha , that we hope to come back with a role like that of Wanillo Kokunenero.

Thus, a new adventure begins that will mark another milestone in the Spanish-speaking community of content creation, being one of the favorites of all the public and the one that possibly more public attracts by Tortilla Land and Evening 2.

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