The Batman bursts on the top

The Batman hbox office surpbox officesed 700 million dollars at the box office around the world. Matt Reeves film is consolidated box office one of the best premieres in the movie theaters since the pandemic exploded, data that invite optimism in the sector and that place the film starring Robert Pattinson box office The Eighth Moviest Movie From the history of the DC universe.

The Batman gets collection figures from the prepandemic era

Although it seems complicated that it reaches 1,148 million dollars of Aquaman , an absolute TaQuillazo for DC in its particular expanded cinematographic universe of DC, The Batman already exceeds the steel man with 668 million dollars and The League of Justice 2017 directed by Joss Whedon with 657 million dollars. Let’s look at how the ranking is, a Top-10 in which The Batman hbox office proven to be a success at the commercial level. How far?

  1. Aquaman – 1,148 million dollars
  2. The Dark Knight: The Legend Renace – 1,081 million dollars
  3. Joker – 1,074 million dollars
  4. The dark gentleman – 1.006 million dollars

  1. Batman V Superman: The dawn of justice – 873 million dollars
  2. Wonder Woman – 822 million dollars
  3. Suicide Squad (2016) – 746 million dollars

Bruce Wayne
8. The Batman – 710 million dollars
9. The steel man – 668 million dollars
10. The Justice League (2017) – 657 million dollars

The Batman is available only in cinembox office. On April 19, he will join the catalog of HBO Max, so we can see her from home and enjoy her great quality. You can read our film review in this article. “Dark, of Bella Invoice, visually impeccable and with a soundtrack that permeates that same sobriety, The Batman is a film that catches by his setting and by the construction of his narrative, piece by piece”, we say in the text.

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