20 year old demo emerged: Founded PS1

Many of us connect with the PlayStation very special memories, finally the first Sony console in the 90s took place for neatly furore and delivered some still beloved classics such as Metal Gear Solid or Crash Bandicoot . Straight Platformer were still a bit bigger at that time in fashion than nowadays and besides the very big names there were also some who had their fanbase at that time, but today are again forgotten.

GEX was one of these titles. The franchise with the Cakes Gecko was developed by Crystal Dynamics and let us jump in a total of three offspring through various worlds. While the first part ( GEX ) was still played in 2D perspective, Part 2 ( GEX 3D: Enter the Gecko ) and 3 ( GEX 3: Deep Cover Gecko ) Local 3D Hopper with an unusual hero.

In GEX 4 we should play a young Gecko

After the third part, the series disappeared around the millennium turning but completely in the sinking, the fans were waiting for a continuation. But just that one had been planned once. At least one demo testifies from which there is now a short video on YouTube.

The continuation should “Gex Jr.” Hot and put us in a correspondingly younger version of the title heroes. As the video suggests, there were probably pretty much pop cultural allusions planned, including about Star Wars.

Here you can watch the video, here is also more information about the demo:

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PSX Longplay [001] Metal Gear Solid (part 1 of 2)

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Returning as Remake?

At that time, the demo appeared at a time when the successor console PS2 was already available and interested in him, which may be associated with setting the project planned for the PS1. But even without a precise reason, GEX Jr. never saw the light of the game world and then hit the series after.

Nevertheless, it is possible that there is a wake up again from this sleep, perhaps in the form of a remakes. At the end of last year, Square Enix renewed the GEX-Trademark (via Gamerant). Of course, that does not have to be concrete hot, the fans of the Platformer franchis would be a comeback but probably pretty much happy.

Did you play Gex then? What do you have for memories?

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