Bruchhagen: No club identifies itself with the Europa League as the Eintracht

Has Eintracht in the Europa League quarterfinal against FC Barcelona at all the touch of a chance, Mr. Bruchhagen?
Yes, clear! Anyone who has prevailed in the past against Inter Milan, against Porto and Chelsea at eye level, also has a chance of Barcelona. The 4-0 at Real Madrid on the penultimate matchday is a result that makes you a bit scared, I do not make a secret. But who knows how serious you take this game… Eintracht is the outsider, but of course has a chance.

Do you think that Barcelona is underestimated Frankfurt?
Let’s not tell ourselves, who say: “The table mentor in Germany should not be an obstacle for us.” So think for sure.

How can the team Barcelona’s high-class offensive with stars like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Ousmane Dembelé or Ferran Torres stop?
I am a pensioner, and Oliver Glasner is a highly paid Bundesliga trainer. The question of how you can stop it goes to him. Since he will come up with anything. He gets a high salary for that.

How is it to explain that the Europa League is accompanied by such a tremendous euphoria in Frankfurt? They themselves experienced the 2006/07 and 2013/14 close up. Already nine years ago, the harmony was cheered by 12,000 travel-rude fans in Bordeaux.
The Europe thought got a momentum over time. No club identifies with European football, with the Europa League, as the Eintracht. Otherwise, not such results would be concluded that other German teams retire. For Frankfurt, the Europa League has a special status. Christian Seifert also praised Eintracht again and again that she starts in this competition with the necessary seriousness. The Europa League also brought the Eintracht a lot of money, which the club could invest in players.

How does the players manage to grow over and over again in such lots?
There is simply this positive momentum. That started in 2006 in the qualification against Bröndby, at that time we won 4-0 at home and played at Bröndby 2: 2. In Copenhagen, the stadium was full of dull – that continued.

Can coach Oliver Glasner and sports board Markus Krösche establish the Eintracht in the upper half of the table?
I do not know that, but I have great trust. The Range of Eintracht is between 5 and 11th place. Starting with Niko Kovac, continuing with Fredi Bobic and Adi Hütter, I believe that Glasner and Kröse will also be maintained this quality in sporty area. But it belongs to the fact that you get tenth or more.

They used to talk about the cemented Bundesliga table. Could the Eintracht the cement loosen something in recent years?
No, I have to contradict it. Look at the first four. Before the season, I said that these four – right in the order – will be up: Bavaria, Dortmund, Leverkusen, Leipzig. Also with Armin Veh we have become sixth, with Thomas Schaaf Neunter. That always happened. Eintracht increased its revenue extremely and thus took a higher position in the concrete league. The ranking of the license game reading is almost always identical to the tabular picture. On the other hand, all can defend. Whenever there is an outperformer who, like the harmony, has a better year, all come to me with the cementation. But you have to think then, that’s not how easy. Of course, that it is still possible to move between 6 and 12 times.

What are the opportunities of Eintricht to qualify for the international competition over the League this season?
That’s just, you have to win a lot. The residue in 6th place is five points. From the remaining six games, she has to win at least four to prove an international place.

Finally: What is your tip for the home game against Barcelona?
I believe that it starts 2: 2.

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