The world view such as characters, weapons and locations is condensed! Japanese translated version of “COD: MW” Making Book is released

Seithao Shishika is a “ Call of Duty Modern Warfare ” Making Call of Duty Modern Warfare “for sale from its Label G-Novels,” Making Call of Duty Modern Warfare ** “Japanese Translated Edition Sales have started.

In this book that has topped popular “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” in the series, this book introduces graphics such as brand logos and posters, as well as brand logos and posters. In addition, the goal behind the game is a glimpse of a glimpse of the unusual commensawing of the development team that asks for a photoreal expression.

The author has been in charge of Andy Mcvittie, who has been working on “The Art Of Titanfall” “Rise of the Tomb Raider: The Official Art Book”. In addition to the “Witcher” Comic Series, translations are in charge of Gangoda Ken, who has been working on games and film art books and makeings books.

“Making Call of Duty Modern Warfair” is on sale at book / e-book (Kindle version). The price is 4,950 yen including tax.

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