“Elden Ring” This way of fighting the peaceist! Aim for the king of Elde without attacking at all

Elden Ring - Morgott, The Omen King Boss Fight
On April 3rd, Iron Pineapplle, which has posted a frame software game videos, including “ Elden Ring “, posted a new video on YouTube. Speaking of its contents, “Peaceism”. We are promoting the game without attacking anywhere.

Elden Ring ” has an item called the ashing, and by consuming a certain FP, you can summon NPCs according to their respective ashes as a companion. In addition, in the boss battle, it is possible to summon NPC from Summoning Signs in addition to the ashes, and you are capturing boss matches with these in videos.

In addition, the weapon of “the flag of the hotel” is equipped with a dedicated war technique that strengthens the attack power and defense of allies surrounding the surroundings, and in addition to strengthening this war, magic and By combining recovery and strengthening by prayer, the attack is left to NPC, and itself is one of the support jobs.

In addition, it is probably a “fall death” that seems to be entering the top 10 of death for the player, but it is a big success as a threat to the enemy, and the boss is a big success as a special move to all enemies to the boss.

In this way, it is a work that can play various people from the Peaceist RP to the naked assembly by the player’s ideas, but isn’t this freedom of freedom? I’m not looking forward to thinking about various ways of playing in the future.

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