Hearthstone – Year of the Hydra: Return 75 mythical letters that we all remember

The expansion “ Travel to the Submerged City ” will be launched in a week at Hearthstone , and Blizzard finally reveals the fundamental set that this new year of the hydra will embellish. Introduced last year through the tap year, the free essential set format gives standard a basis of 250 classic game charts, but has the particularity of “Rotar” of the year in year.

In short, today the first rotation of the essential set is revealed. And it is already crystallizing some really important changes for the next goal of the standard format.

Ancient charts that are back

Up are some of the cards that will return to the standard goal on April 12! In total, these are 72 new letters that make up the essential set of this year . On the contrary, 57 letters from the previous fundamental set will leave standard . You will find the detailed list below.

Letters that come out of the fundamental set

Demon Hunter : Ash tongue tongue, Azzinoth Guajas
Druid : Cuervo delighted, Landscaping, Strainer of the Living Room, Druid of Nordrassil, Elder of War
Hunter : Hyena Scale, Tejerred, Warm, Sluthing Hachue, Block and Load
magician : Elemental water, Living Reflection, fallen hero, Gelidar Draco
Paladin : Sacred Light, Search for Justice, Guardian de los Reyes
Priest : crimson cleric, shadows shape, lighting of light, temple despote, Natalie Selina
ROPA : Armed Cullfor, Patient Assassin
shaman : Furious wind, elementary unleashed, Draenei totem shaper, Elementary Earth
Brujo : Arrichish infernal, owned inhabitant, Slave vile, ritual of fatality
Guerrero : Commander Wars Scream, Alejo Belico, Escort War Scream
Neutral : Arcana anomaly, argenta escuder, Master of Nuts, Priestess Young, Minimago, Fluvial Crocolisco, Toxicologist, Alafeliz, Clarivident Shaman, Carnivorous Necropharge, Furibonding of Ice, Master of Wounded Steel, King Mukla, Spider Tank, Basilisk Stone Skin, Baron Oscanendido, Rabid Gurubashi, High Inquisitoring Mellenablanca, Blocking Wishlist, Watchmaking Giant

Several new letters from the essential set called our attention immediately, as they gave way to the goals of the past. We think in particular about Reno Jackson and Brann Barbavrow .

To see the full list of letters that make up the essential set, go to the card catalog on the Official Hearthstone website.


Welcome to the Year of the Hydra

Battlefields will now be organized in “Seasons” similar to the Hearthstone expansion cycles. These seasons will allow you to better anticipate the inauguration or conclusion of important changes for this mode, whether you are special events, keywords or system modifications. Everything will begin with the first season of Battlegrounds, when the 23.2 update is launched.

This will see the arrival of a new keyword, Naga Siberros, new heroes and more! In the future, the team plans to continue adding cosmetic elements to the battlefields throughout the year, as well as a mid-year progression system.

NEW Heroes and companions

Ini Spiral Storm

Robocycling : Passive. After 9 friendly rins die, you get a random robot.

CleasonsObmarines (Ini Colleague Tormentespiral)

[Taberna 2 level, robot] 4 p. of attack, 4 p. of health. After you play a robot, you get + 2 / + 2.

_The players with advantages of battlefields will have anticipated access to the new hero before April 19, date on which it will be available officially.

Nerfeos of battlefields

  • Before: Passive. After Bob’s tavern refreshes, copy and freezes one of his rins. → Now: Passive. After the Bob tavern refreshes, copies the highest levelshop and freezes them both.
  • Varden Agreement (Varden Apherralba colleague) Before: “double good” also gives the copy statistics equivalent to your tavern level. → Now: “Twin of good” also gives both statistical minions equivalent to your Taberna level.

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