Starfield: New Leaks show how the room stations look like

Since Bethesda largely spread the cloth of silence about the Sci-Fi Roleplay Starfield , there are sometimes a lot of curiosity of fans that can hardly expect the title release. The community seems to be eager for any news that runs through. Although recently published a new edition of Into The Starfield , in which Todd Howard with developers of the project reveals new details for the game, this is not enough for some, the fans want more. For this reason, all Leaks will be treated to play from the community with a lot of interest. Even very old material gets a lot of attention. These include two independent leaks , which show assets of the game from the years 2017 and 2018 .

So saw Starfield 2017 and 2018

The two new leaks were posted on Twitter and Reddit and show several screenshots from early versions of Starfield. From the Starfield Build from 2018, pictures were already played in the past , recently pictures from the version of 2017 were now added.

The Twitter account “Uni Sensei” spread four new pictures from 20117, which show the indoor and outdoor area of a space station, a HUD mockup and assets. On two of them is also clearly the logo of Axion Energy to see, a company from the game.

From “ItardFavk” come the five new screenshots from the Starfield Alliance-Subeddit. They too show some assets, textures and early Hud Mockups, which give a look at how Starfield has looked in the development in 2018.

When will Starfield appear?

The developers of the sci-fi game in the NASA punk style so far does not give much more price. In the summer of 2022 Bethesda wants to show more gameplay for the game, which is sometimes called “Skyrim in All”. The RPG should be on 11. November 2022 will be published and will be exclusively for PC and Xbox Series X / S .

Starfield New leaks & Follower Details!

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