“Wail Reet” successful work “EFOOTBALL 2022” large repair Apde April 14 Delivery. “I was distributed in a hurry” and revealed the game

Konami Digital Entertainment announced on April 6th to deliver the update (version 1.0.0) of the soccer game “EFOOTBALL 2022” on April 14. It was originally scheduled to be delivered in November last year, but it was postponed.

The update (version 1.0.0) delivered this time is that it will add a lot including new operations, not only the renovation of defects and coordination of game balance, but also the factors of the offense that can be seen in the current soccer scene.. It is said that it is a player’s voice that is the basis of this repair. Since I heard such a voice and finally reached the quality that the company could provide with confidence, it has reached this delivery date announcement.

The update content is first, the change of the defensive operation and the introduction of the team press. “Feedback difficult” has a large number of feedback, such as “difficult to defend” and “how to take the ball.” Changed the default button placement to achieve more intuitive defense. In addition to implementing press operations mounted on the conventional series, a new operation “shoulder charge” capable of preventing the ball more actively adds a “shoulder charge”.

Next to the improvement of the path. Based on feedback such as “too slow Pass” and “Passmith is too many”, it has been improved mainly for the sense of convincing for game balance and operation. The speed of the path is generally speeded up, and the cause of the passwise has identified and corrected the cause of the occurrence of mistakes that did not suit the situation. In addition, “Impact Kick” operation that allows special ballistic kicks to be kicked. It is said that it will change the rhythm of the attack and aim for a definitive last path.

The shot is implemented with improved shoot speeds with reality and exhilarating shot speed and situation that suits the situation. In dribbling, it is said that the following accuracy and response to the input of L sticks and the response of the dash are significantly improved. In addition, it is assumed that the stability and comfort of the online connection is improved, and the function addition of the game plan is also performed.

Besides this, the mode “Creative Team”, which enjoys your own team making, will be partitioned by changing the name “Dream Team”. It is said that it will be a content that you want to have a player or supervision that you wanted to be a team, and to foster and enhance it according to your play style.

  • The update time of the mobile version “EFOOTBALL 2022” scheduled to be incorporated into the cross play of this work is still undecided. It has been explained that it is getting intensive.

“EFOOTBALL 2022” is a new football game that renovates the brand from “Winning Eleven”, and it will be delivered for free for the basic play in September last year. However, players have pointed out various issues such as dissatisfaction and bugs of bugs, and user reviews of STEAM version are “overwhelmingly unpopular”. The low level rate was the first place of Worst at the whole STEAM.

Among this announcement, Konami commented that “I have made a mistake in the quality that is important to the time of delivery time, and it has become a result of crushing the quality.” It seems to be attention whether it will be returned to the stigma by the update (version 1.0.0). In addition, the company will work to improve product improvement and updates after the update, and I would like to call the player to continue to hear their opinions.

“EFOOTBALL 2022” is being delivered for PC (STeam) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One.

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