Samsung Electronics operating profit of 60

Samsung Electronics, achieved 77 trillion won, which is the maximum of 77 trillion won in the low season, The securities price is expected that Samsung Electronics has achieved more than W300trn, operating profit of W60 trillion, operating profit of 60 trillion won. This is a record that has achieved the last 2018 earnings in the last 2018, which enjoyed the boom of semiconductors.

According to the Consensus (Securities Prospecting Average) of the 7th F and Guide (the average of the Securities Complaints), Samsung Electronics is expected to record sales of W316.996.8bn and operating profit of W60.19.9, W6.09.9 billion. This is a performance that breaks 300 trillion won per year for the first time.

Samsung Electronics has already recorded 279,600 billion won for the maximum number of days of history last year. The second highest amount of Samsung Electronics was 243.7 trillion won in 2018, which was a semiconductor super boom. If you achieve our operating profit forecast this year, you are achieving the first 60 trillion won. So far, Samsung Electronics ” s top operating profit was 58,867.7 billion won in 2018.

Typically, even though Samsung Electronics has recorded a well-being, Samsung Electronics has been able to achieve W300 trillion in sales, the prospect of securities prices will be realized, as Samsung Electronics has been written in the past 1Q09.

On this day, Samsung Electronics announced that it has recorded 77 trillion won for connection standards and 14.2 trillion won for sales through the announcement of a provisional earnings issue in the first quarter of 2022. This is the largest quarter of the past, and achieves 70 trillion won for continuous sales in the third quarter. It was also a ‘earnings surprise’ exceeding the consensus.

In the first quarter, Samsung Electronics has achieved sales growth due to memory market booming and premium household appliances, and new smartphone launch effects. In particular, operating profit is analyzed that operating profit is well inevitably due to the price of raw materials, logistics costs, global supply chain risk, and Ukrainian invasion of Russia.

Samsung Electronics is expected to continue to increase steadily earnings in the second half of the second quarter.

Samsung Electronics' estimated operating profit in 2021 up 43.5% to around US$ 43 bil.
First, it is expected to rebound memory prices from the second quarter in the semiconductor sector. According to the Market Research Agency Trend Force, the average price of NAND in the second quarter was expected to increase by 5-10%. The DRAM also predicted that the average price will decrease by 0 ~ 5%, which slows down the price drops than those concerns around this year.

Smartphones are expected to sell folderable phone sales in 2H11, as well as HOTEL Galaxy S22 series sales. Market Research Counter Counter Point Risper is expected to be sold at a scale of about 13 million won this year. Last year, Samsung Electronics’ folder phone sales rates were aggregated with about 7.8 million.

Premium TV and household sales are also expected to grow steadily. According to Trend Force, Samsung Electronics is expected to exceed 20% of the Market’s market share of Samsung Electronics (including more than 65 inches). Samsung Electronics plans to supply premium household appliances infrastructure this year in earnest.

From the second quarter, the burden of raw materials and logistics costs seems to be slightly alleviated.

“The burden of raw materials and logistics costs is expected to be relaxed in the second quarter,” said Securities Research Institute, “said Securities Research Institute,” said Securities Research Institute, “said the burden of raw materials and logistics costs is expected to be relaxed in the second quarter.”

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