Overwatch: Zarya skins lose Z symbol – because of Ukraine

That the war in Ukraine affects all areas of life is probably clear. But surprisingly, some effects are nevertheless. Such as the adaptation of a skin of Zarya. This has the bad luck to have associations with currently used symbolism. Because Zarya has – just as an allusion to your own name – a z symbol as a decoration on an outfit skin. The Z is currently using the Russian military in Ukraine.

Z symbol sometimes stands for Russian armed forces

Supporters of the Russian armed forces now also resort to the Z to express their solidarity. In order not to arouse the impression that the Z on Zaryas Skin could relate to the events in Eastern Europe, the people of Blizzard have removed the Z. Like players from Overwatch (Buy Now 57.99 €), for example, lacks Zarya’s legendary Arkin Skin, which was previously visible at the level of her key leg. The change is definitely very small and will hardly notice many players:

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An important gameplay change in OverVATCH 2, however, will be the introduction of a ping system . That many players had already wished for a long time. Who wants to try it, can log in to the beta of Owatch 2 and participate with happiness!

The darn association

That names, symbols & Co. only have to be adapted by random association is more common. Above all, the terrorist organization ISIS has caused such problems through the abbreviation that is identical to the Egyptian deity deity. For example, in the popular art travel series Archer, in which the eponymous espionage service was renamed, because the creators of the series did not want to arise such associations to the real world.

Overwatch removes Russian Z on Zarya skin amid conflict in Ukraine
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