Lee Jong Ho and Orthodox Candidate. Smartphone enabled semiconductor experts

Yoon Suk-yeol, president of the Minister of Information and Communication Department, a ministerial candidate for the 10th, It is noteworthy that the semiconductor engineer is written by the waters of the Buddha to the future food and the science and technology powerhouse.

It is considered to be a surprise to be a person who is not a person who became strong as a candidate as a candidate, Full-time Choi Ki-young, followed by the Minister of Electrical Information Engineering, Seoul National University,

Yoon Jeong-jon, a “Global Semiconductor Technology Authority”, “Global Semiconductor Technology Authorizer Lee Jong-ho’s candidate is the first developed a bulk pinpet, which is a non-memory industry standard technology.” Based on a long experience in Korea, I expect to lead the development of advanced science and technology to innovation. “

■ ‘3D Semiconductor Father’ attention to the world

The elected ship introduced a semiconductor engineer, which is a semiconductor engineer, which is called the Father of the three-dimensional semiconductor, which is called the father of three-dimensional semiconductor,

Then, he started developing advanced technology in the evil conditions without the initial experimentation of his professors, and emphasized that the world’s first focusing finfet technology has been developed as the world’s first focus.

The pinpet technique is an expression that flows the form of a fish fins (Fin) to overcome the limits of the semiconductor designed in a two-dimensional plane form. It is considered to be a semiconductor design of a semiconductor design of an expression that makes a three-dimensional shape.

It is noteworthy that simply the change in the FIN form of the semiconductor design process, reduces the current in the Fin form and reduces power consumption and miniaturizing the size of the chipper, enabling the chip design used on the current smartphone while increasing the operation capacity. In addition, it is considered to be a technique that enables New Romovic semiconductors that mimic a human brain that are attracted to the human brain that are attracted to the era of artificial intelligence.

■ Industry greetings found for the first time

Professor Lee Jong-ho has played a great role in the industry, leading to the Seoul National University Semiconductor Joint Research Institute in addition to the patented technology developed. In addition to semiconductor technology research and development, he is a person who has steadily on the voice of manpower.

Among them, Yoon, who was elected president of the Prosecutor’s president last year, with a personal identity, with a person who is in contact with the Industry Greetings, and the person who is in contact with the Industry Greetings. Yun, a lunar, was found to have been found to be solved without a campaign, asking for a meeting to study on the relevant industry competitiveness when concerns about the semiconductor supply of semiconductor supply.

Aside the greetings that were devoted in politics, the first industrial greetings in the political issue of Yoon Jeong, the first time, the first time, the first and her name is the first to be named.

■ Semiconductor New Government ICT · Science Technology

The last minister of Choi Ki-young, appointed by the current Moon Jae-in, attracts many common points. He is the same semiconductor design engineer at the same time, at the same time as the same school.

Choi, former ministers were sentenced to a nationally, parts and equipment counterparts, in relation to Japan’s export regulations. Lee Jong-ho’s candidates were held for the private committee of the Special Committee of the Soviet Committee of the Occupation. It was reported that the former minister has also been found to have a lot of advice.

Choi, former minister, found the fabless semiconductor industry with the first field visits immediately after the appointment with R & D. The system semiconductor (SOC) is a part of the first minister, which is a design expert. He also made a focus on the development of PIM (processed memory) in national AI competition.

Lee Jong Ho’s candidate is also expected to have a similar way to a lot of talented competitiveness through future semiconductor research and development. His fellow professors who came to the basic idea of pursuing the development of semiconductor fields were resembled.

Beijing wants to see more innovation in semiconductor tech and mRNA vaccines, says professor
“We have experienced the semiconductor for a long time, and have been able to develop the field of knowledge, and have a large number of semiconductors, and to develop the field of semiconductor and the significance of semiconductor importance,” said the candidate. “

“We are not only semiconductors,” We are “to look at the field of industrial, and communicate with multiple opinions, listen to what they are lacking, and to improve what is not enough to improve,”

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