Xbox Series X: Secret Mode works on a new action game

Publisher Secret Mode is pleased to officially confirm his partnership with the Billy Goat Entertainment developer from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

After numerous Dead Letter Box Briefings, which were not cleared, has now revealed that the development of a new, energetic action game for PC and consoles is in full swing, which will be published later in 2022 for the first time.

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“Billy Goat Entertainment, known for His fantastic work on Her Majesty’s spending, is one of the most exciting distinguished developmental talents in the UK,” says James Schall, Director of Publishing at Secret Mode. “Comedy and satire are difficult to master in the field of video games, but Billy Goat Entertainment perfected this craft and is on the way to connect these skills with a first-class action experience that players will inspire. Everyone at Secret Mode is austerity to work with the team of Billy Goat Entertainment, and we could not sign our partnership agreements quickly enough. “

In the course of today, the debut game of Billy Goat Entertainment, which was published 2016 published adventure HER MAJESTY’S SPIFTING, included in the catalog of Secret Mode Titles for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Mobile Devices.

Her Majesty’s cozfing, which was celebrated by media and fans equally for his bite satire and its original variant of the graphics adventure genres, follows the Heroes of Captain Frank Lee Deutsch and his reliable colleague ALED, which is looking for planets you For a new galactic British Reich, travel through the cosmos travel.

“Our next title will hopefully become the commercial success we have received Secret Mode, but before we wanted to know our fans (and potential customers of Comedy-Sci-Fi Adventures) that we have another bill with Her Majesty’s spending Open, “says Barr, CEO of Billy Goat Entertainment. “Be assured that we have read all comments / reviews of fans and pornobots alike, and I am pleased to be able to confirm them today that we will revise our first console / PC title to soothe our critics and the History of HMSS Imperialize and to continue their crew! “

More information about the future of Her Majesty’s Spiffing and Billy Goat Entertainments Unannounced IP will be announced at a later date.

The trailer to Her Majesty’s spending for Nintendo Switch you can see here:

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