How to perform poetry Irodori: Part 3 in the Genshin Impact event – Hues of the Violet Garden

The Genshin Impact event “Shades of the Violet Garden” opens the Andanzum for the rest of the teivat by the magnificent Gerodori festival. It works from from April 7, 2022 to April 25, 2022. and open for all players Adventure rank 30 and above which completed Eugene Plan Archont Search Segment: Chapter II: Act I – Militant God and Eternal Eutemy.

True Tales of the Violet Garden: Act 3 - A New Painting in Pale Scarlet | Irodori Festival | Genshin
If you have not fulfilled the story quests of the character of Inadzum, you must access the event from fast start button in the lower left corner of the event menu.

Moon and Stars celebrate the day the third: parting

After the completion of “Poetry Irodori: Part 2” You can unlock the third part of the “Moon and the Star”, talking to Otomo and Lenne in Rito. This time they will ask you to photograph the local delicacies of Monstadt. You must Use the camera from the left pane of the game menu to take pictures, and not Kamera Gadget.

You can take a picture any local delicacies in Monstadte , but here are the four simplest. They also unlock all stanza in poem:

  • Dandelion: At the main gates of the city of Monstadt a lot of dandelions.
  • Little lamp-grass: You can find them next to Wolvendom Teleport Waypoint.
    Volkhuk: They are hidden in the bushes around the Lupus Boreas weekly boss.
    Cecilia: You can only find them in Starsnatch Cliff.

As in previous days, you need to take pictures of four unique local delicacy, so that they counted in Quest, so two seedles or three dandelions are not counted!

What poems to choose?

Having received all four photos of Montadt’s local delicacies, come back to the rito to test your progress. You will be asked to choose a launcher to complete the poem. Your favorite stanza does not affect the reward, so you do not need to strive for specific animals. After the completion of “Poetry Irodori: Part 3” Do not forget to get additional intakes and other awards from Event Details Also.

If you start an event for the first time, familiarize yourself with our leadership on how to complete the poetry Irodori: Part 1 in the Genshin Impact event – Hues of the Violet Garden.

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