Metal Gear Solid | Hideo Kojima planned Snake became friends with rats

Solid Snake got used to slipping through the most hidden recesses. Metal an expert in infiltration, the protagonist of Metal Gear Solid knew how to mimic with the surroundings, although he wMetal also very rubber Metal a soldier. The game of the first PlayStation, digested by Hideo Kojima, wMetal going to allow initially that Snake would be friends with some small and escurrent creatures **… Rats.

This information hMetale out in the light of the hand of a video narrated by David Hayter (original Snake Voice) on the YouTube Did You Know Gaming channel. According to these sources, the Japanese creative had all the intention of adding more rats in the game, to the point that the player wMetal going to be able to choose names for them and raising them Metal pets **.

In this initial version of Metal Gear Solid, Kojima had thought that the rats had an important role ** in the game. Below you can enjoy the full video:

Rats in Metal Gear

These animals had their own reference at the level of Shadow Moes of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, in which an elder Snake returns to the iconic location of the first game of Metal Solid Subsaga. Snake and Otacon talk through the codec and mention “his furry friends”.

In addition, in an earlier version of the clMetalsic, rats were also going to do things during the battle against Sniper Wolf . When shooting against them they grew in size progressively. This wMetal eliminated and replaced by a warning from Colonel Campbell, which he called and Metalked to stop attacking animals.

The Metal Gear saga meets in 2022 its 35th anniversary . At the moment Konami hMetal not announced any event to commemorate the birthday, since the website that wMetal opened for these effects wMetal actually a joke of April 1 orchestrated by a follower.

Today, Metal Gear Survive for PS4, Xbox One and PC is the title of the most recent saga. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (2015) , the lMetalt of the main saga. In meristation we review the best games in the saga.

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