Kirby and the forgotten country in the test: So round like his hero

Actually, it is hard to believe. Although the Knuffy Kirby has meanwhile 30 years across Nintendos consoles and Handheld’s Turnt, Kirby and the forgotten land for the switch is actually the first real 3D adventure of the pink Nämmersatt. And that awoke with his announcement hopes and longings. Would the new Kirby go towards Super Mario Odyssey with his open areas? Expects us the very first Open World Kirby?

After we played Kirby and the forgotten country for our test, we can answer these questions with a clear “no”. A top 3D debut of Kirby is the game but also without open play worlds – among other things because of a large parallel to the plumber superhit.

You want moving gameplay scenes? Here is our test video to Kirby and the forgotten country:

Story Pfui, Gameplay Hui!

First of all, we want to betray you one of the few reasons why your Kirby and the forgotten country do not have to play. Because the frame shop is not very surprisingly neither very exciting nor in some other form interesting.

Kirby and its surroundings are someday sucked into another dimension through a mysterious star gate, where after a short time, after a short time, a cute beings named Elfilin opens that the cute Waddle Dee-beings were kidnapped and Kirby should help their rescue.

It’s time again the typical shallow hanger without any surprises, which runs through to the end. That may be a tradition for many Nintendo games, but it is now somehow an annoying tradition.

So it’s called Kirby and the forgotten land again “Gameplay First” and fortunately, that’s exactly what you have forgotten the Lahme Story within minutes. Basically, the first 3D Kirby works according to the proven pattern of many other Nintendo-Jump & Runs. We either rattle alone or in the two-player coach individual levels in a total of six thematically different worlds to free them the mentioned waddle dees, and at their end each one end boss on the cap.

It starts in the overgrown ruins of the nature levels, and later, among other things, it goes into a compulsory ice world called winter duct, a Caribbean area (Ewigblau coast) and a crazy amusement park.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land, but it’s the Mario Odyssey Trailer

Tausendsassa Kirby

We can move freely in the individual levels, but these are always strictly linear and thus do not have nearly the Hubwelt character as the worlds in Super Mario Odyssey. That the whole thing feels wonderfully playful, is mainly due to the “Specials Powers” of the main character.

The sucking of certain opponent types gives Kirby special forces, for example, lets him spit fire, as a punch ball roles through the levels, ditch under the earth or with pistols around herself ballers. Twelve of this special powers can be discovered in total and we find it almost a pity that it has not become even more.

Because the varied leveldesign is of course tailored to the abilities of Kirby that they are not only useful for opponent elimination, but also solve smaller puzzles and tasks at certain points. For example, various switches wait for your activation to unlock secret paths or other waddle dees.

Each level offers several bonus goals – e.g., “Discover the secret passage” or “bloom five flowers” – which increases the resume stimulus and actually motivated to look exactly in the colorful areas. Here is actually the parallel to Super Mario Odyssey and the ability of the plumber to take over objects using his cap.

crammed with funny ideas

The proverbial crown set up the whole “full plugs” objects spread in many levels. Here Kirby takes the mouth in the truest sense of the word properly fully fully and swallowed cars, bulbs or vending machines to take advantage of their properties after exactly their properties. So, for example, with doses of obstacles broken to shoot, as a traffic turtle to do turtles or to roar as a car through the area.


Full plug skills: can machine stairs ring car bow


This is not only gorgeous curious and bizarre, but also so well integrated into the levels that everything feels like a cast thanks to the very precise control. Too bad that the camera is comparatively rigid. Although we tend them a little in certain directions, they do not let them do not lets themselves, which would definitely help us in some hopping passages.

On the one hand, the Waddle Dees collected in the levels are needed to unlock the endboss level at the end of a world, and on the other hand, populate the Waddle Dee City, which works as a Hubwelt, which Kirby gradually builds again during the game. The more waddle dees we collect, the more buildings and associated side activities and mini-games we turn free.

In the cafe, we have to serve as many guests as possible or drag thick fish from a pond while fishing. Later, in the city, an arena still waits, in which we have to defeat the bosses of the game one after the other, and in Kirby’s house we can breathe or listen to music from older kirby games.

However, the most important starting point in the Waddle Dee city is the weapon shop where we can upgrade Kirby’s special forces in three levels, which then causes them more harm, among other things. From the normal fire date, for example, a volcanic fire and the colossal or even Meta-Knight sword will make opponents even more effectively.

However, the improvements are not only chic, but especially with the great staged boss fight noticeable advantages, where Kirby must face a huge monkey or a specific tree, which is certainly known to Kirby connoisseurs. It will then be a pity that the improved skills are not needed for certain ministrasters in the levels, which would have increased upgrade motivation again.

Not too easy

Of course, the upgrades are not for free, because on the one hand we must first find a corresponding blueprint and then pay so-called rare stones in the weapon shop next to normal coins.

And that is mainly in the challenge tasks of the so-called “road of treasures”, in which we have to complete compact levels within a timeline using Kirby’s skills. The normal goal, which then donated us the coveted rare stone is usually well laidish, the bonus target time, on the other hand, in many cases a crisp challenge.

Anyway, the first 3D Kirby of the “far too light” reproach of past series parts can be made only conditionally. Although experienced players are easily easily reached by the game on the normal difficulty level, especially towards the end, the larger fights are noticeable and you have to use the skills sent to insist.

There it helps make sure that Kirby can take away items later, which fill in health or even briefly increase the attack force. Stupid only that there is only a single item slot, here we would have wished for at least another. But Kirby and the forgotten land will never, but for beginners, there is also a slight degree of difficulty on which the Knubbel has more energy.

Koop mode _
_Kirby and the forgotten country can optionally be addressed in the Spieler Koop. A person then takes over the pink knubbel, while the other slips into the role of a waddle deaf aid. While this can not use the special skills, but is particularly defensive thanks to a lance. Whims make the co-poles in any case, even the overview does not suffer noticeable, that was often different in past kirby titles.

Good mood!

Another big strength of the game, however, can hardly be found in words and that is the immense good-mood charm, the Kirby and the forgotten land sprayed away from the spot. Enemies, enemies and of course Kirby and its partly curious abilities are so colorful and designed with such a lot of creamereness that here is probably even the gridest Griesgram will rise the heart.

Incidentally, the great soundtrack contributes to the great soundtrack, for which many well-known Kirby melodies were recorded and adapted with an orchestra, and which burn themselves as intensively in the hearing ranges, that we have dreamed of some of them even at night.

Technically, the bouncing is very stable especially in docked mode, but the game is screwing down animations of opponents and objects in the distance a bit to ensure a liquid frame rate. That seems like the movements in the distance “jerking” the game fun is detrimental but not.

In handheld mode, we have not observed this effect, especially with a lot of action on the screen, but we also noticed short-term framedrops, which do not really disturb. It is irritating, however, that the few intermediate sequences such as the intro film are only underlaid with music, but renounces any sound effects, which is apparently intended, but how a mistake acts.

In our test it took a rough ten hours until the credits ran across the screen, but then is not really over.
What is then unlocked, we do not reveal here from spoiler reasons to do enough, but also thanks to the tasks in the Waddle-Dee city, the upgradeable skills and the many collective figures, which are also hidden in the levels.
So it’s hard to believe that Kirby has used for his 3D debut in the face of the class of the forgotten country.
Any continued continuation we wish you anyway.

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