Billion offer: Elon Musk wants to complete Twitter completely

It was already suspected a few days ago. Elon Musk \ – richest person in the world – wants to buy the short news service Twitter . The documents of the US Stock Exchange Supervision SEC states that the Tesla boss is ready to put a sum of 41.4 billion US dollars on the table. Only a few days ago Musk grabbed a share of 9.2% and thus became the most powerful shareholder of the company.

Elon Musk already sets an ultimatum

The billionaire already announced that this deal around the only offer handle, which he will make for a Twitter acquisition. If it does not work here, MUSK would like to think about his commitment again. There was no reaction from Twitter yet. The value of the company is currently estimated at around 36 billion US dollars . Already through the share of Musk, the share price has risen sharply.

How realistic is a Twitter takeover?

Problematic for the deal could be several financial investors , which are currently involved in Twitter. The shares are up to eight percent per investor. Elon Musk offers you – and other Shareholders – per share a sum of 54.20 US dollars , ie 54% more than the stock was worth the entry of the Tesla boss. As a comparison: for its 9.2% bought Musk 73.5 million Twitter shares for 2.9 billion US dollars .

Elon Musk rejected board accession

Trigger for the rumors about a complete takeover of Twitter was the cancellation of Musk, the Board of Directors of the company . With this item, the billionaire could not have been more than 14.9% of the shares. If the deal flaps, Musk wants to take on Twitter again from the stock market – among other things, because he wants the “extraordinary potential” that offers the platform.

Elon Musk Makes $43 Billion Offer for Twitter
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