PlayStation places: Sony Krakes the next developer studio?

There are first evidence that Sony will soon bought the developer studio of video game legend Hideo Kojima and thus officially integrated into the PlayStation family. We reveal you what it has with the instructions and how likely this studio takeover is.

Sony buys the studio of Hideo Kojima?

The year 2022 will probably take the year of studio acquisitions in video game history. No month passes without a developer studio being bought up or there are at least appropriate rumors, if not concrete notes ** there.

Very new and quite suspicious is a change of the PlayStation website . There was quite unobtrusive a character in the banner exchanged. This small, but fine change from Joe Miller on Twitter:

Instead of like so far, you will not see the heroes from the Indie-hit Concrete genius on the banner, but Death Stranding -protagonist Sam Porter Bridges on the side of Kratos and Aloy.

So is that an unofficial confirmation for the fact that Kojima Productions was bought by Sony? Suitable for this assumption Kojima recently announced on Twitter that his studio moves over. Where or why is still unclear. So is there a connection?

Sony X Kojima: How likely is the takeover?

Really surprising, a takeover would not be. Sony and Kojima combines a common story. The Metal Gear Solid developed by Kojima is a PlayStation classic and generally the Metal Gear series was a figurehead for Sony’s console for a long time.

Even if it was over the years again and again small detours on other platforms : Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes appeared, for example, on the Gamecube and Metal Gear Solid 3 also received a customized offshoot on the Nintendo 3DS.


All hate false Silent Hill Hype – and Konami still lays

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Marina Hänsel

Especially interesting would be such a takeover but especially for Horrorfans . After all, Kojima may still be able to implement his vision of Silent Hills in this way.

The game was published years ago as P.T. in the PlayStation Store and later revealed as a new Silent Hill. By an unsightly dispute with Konami, however, the promising horror game was finally set up **.

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