3D match action “Alice Gear Aigis CS” September 8 release decision! Supported models are switches / PS5 / PS4

Mages. The 3D match action game for Nintendose switch / PS5 / PS4 “ Alice Gear Aigis CS-Concerto-Simulatrix ~ ” was released on September 8th.

This work is a consumer game of “Alice Gear Aigis” application “Alice Gear Aigis” for the smartphone by pyramid × Coropra. The production staff will continue to the app version, and will participate in the character supervision and design ZUNTATA in the Sound Creator Group on the music.

This work with a rich expression or 3D action element that could not be applied can not be applied is a multi-play mode, such as multi-play by up to six people. Official sites are also released, and the latest information and benefits information of the game are revealed.

# ◆ “Alice Gear Aigis” First Full-scale 3D Match Action Game! At the same time, you can enjoy up to six people, online multiplayer!

“Alice Gear Aigis CS” fully utilizes 3D space fully than the game “Alice Gear Aigis” and powered up as a full-scale 3D match action game! It is possible to combat with Acctles that did not come true until now.

And at the same time I implement online multiplayers that can enjoy with up to six people! 1 Tag match using 3 characters and one player to the simultaneous battle royal with one player using one character. Equipped with an armed or costume that boasts your favorite Acctress, let’s give another player to another player!

Also, there are a lot of rich production that could not be done with the smartphone, such as full voiceization of scenarios and adding gear operation effects! Don’t miss “Alice Gear Aigis” more lived!

# ◆ Actless match is realized! “Alice Gear Aigis CS” The story of the attention…?

The end of the 21st century, human beings suddenly received the attack of the mysterious mechanical life Vice.

During the half century escape of the galaxies, the full-scale artificial intelligence [Alice] discovers emissions. The girls with Emission capabilities are one of the strategies with Vice. Peace was brought about by antagonistic strength.

Such a day, a chapter demonstration simulation system “CS” by AEGIS, a supervisory agency, has arrived a cooperation request for “CS” demonstration experiment.

# ◆ A super luxurious limited edition that comes with Megami Device (& Sitara)!

“Alice Gear Aigis CS” is usually 8,580 yen (tax included), limited edition 25,080 yen (tax included), download version 7,480 yen (tax included).

Limited edition Benefits will only be available here with Megami Device “Azuma Azuma / Mika Starming CS” “Kasumi Shitara / Burlata CS”, 4 decal stickers that can be customized to your own preference You can enjoy in a rich variation!

[Limited Edition Benefits Contents]
· Megami Device “Azuma Azuma / Mikagami Stage CS”
· Megami Device “Kane Shigetan Sitara / Bar Rata CS”
Alice Gear Aigis CS NON Scale Azuma
Alice Gear Aigis CS NON Scale Kanebuya Sitara
· Alice Gear Aigis CS Marking Set A
Alice Gear Aigis CS Marking Set B
※ Gear does not come with this product.

The first benefit is attached to the “Alice Gear Aigis CS” game that can be applied in the Alice Gear Aigis CS game! It is a content that can not be missed by the fan!

【First Press Benefits Contents】

Untitled Show (MatchGunner/AliceCrow/SnowSloth/GC/BodyPillow) SINoALICE #SINoALICERoyalCreator

You can get in-game items below.
· オ a A
· Microscopic water CS
Shanti A
· Barrata CS
※ It can only be used within “Alice Gear Aigis CS”.

“Alice Gear Aigis CS ~ Concerto of Simulation ~” will be released on September 8, 2022. Normal version is 8,580 yen (tax included), limited edition is 25,080 yen (tax included), download version is 7,480 yen (tax included).

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