“Kenshi” Launched a Speedan event that collects eggs with hungry arms! ? Limited Berking T-Shirt Present with Top 10 people

Lo-fi Games has launched the community event “ Easter eggs, speed run ” at Hardcore Open World RPG “ Kenshi “.

Occurrence Festival (Easter), which is planned to be held until 8:00 am May 9th. The purpose is to collect three types of eggs scattered in the world of this work and sell at the store. Although it is a simple content, it has to be started with “Dodon Bottom”, which has loses the left arms of hunger along the rules, and a mercenary that can be hired in a tech hunter or day. The details of the rules are as follows.

  • Turn off all MOD and start in vanilla state. Put the status of the videos in the video.

  • Please set all default settings. Be sure to put the set state into the video.

  • Please select “Bottom” for the game start.

  • Members of the unit can be any number.

  • Meet the unit always together.

  • Divide the unit and can not run in a small unit.

  • Tech hunters, other, and a mercenary that can be hired in a daily basis can not be hired.

  • Please refrain from griching using save.

  • There is no reload.

  • You do not have to survive the character at the time of the game.

  • Three eggs are three types of eggs of another organism. It is not an egg of the same organism collected from three places.

  • Eggs purchased at the store are not counted.

  • The speed run is ended when selling three eggs at any store.

Events can participate by submitting a timestamp and submitting a timestamp and submitting a time stamp and submitting a timestamp to the formal form, with deliveries or videos that are collected and selling eggs after protecting rules. The top 10 finished at the top of the developer will receive a verbsing T-shirt with the developer’s Chris Hunt and Natalie Hunt Signs in Nathalie Hunt. The speeder run leader board will be released on the official site in the future. Details of how to participate are published at Steam, official site.

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