Adjust balancing in 11 years! Diablo 2 reserves, 2.4 patch applications

2.4 patches to bring a change to a variation of Diablo® II: Resurrected ™ (DiablO® II: Resurrected ™). The 2.4 patches are included in the balance patch that came in for 11 years, and there are many things that make changes to Diablo II: reserves. Then, on April 29th, the first ladder season begins.

Based on a variety of community feedback in public tests, the 2.4 patches, which are refined today, have been reorganized to reorganize newly, newring, enhancements, improvements, new Launches, newly sets of use, and settlement of new horridims, There are widely available for bug fixes and general balance improvements.

Particularly, with this patch, the character name and the game name are designated and generated, and the pleasure of our country’s players can boast or boast their personality.

On April 29, the first ladder season, the first ladder season, which has been one of the fans, the competition for the top of the ranking card is opened in earnest. More than 5 million players worldwide, with Diablo II: reserves and experience the sanctuary, with a 2.4 patch now, as well as an existing player, of course, as well as new players, It is the optimal point in time.

For more information on this patch, you can check through the official blog patch notes.

Meanwhile, the Full Diablo entertainment content, the Hell summary, 2, is also released on Diablo official YouTube, commemorating 2.4 patch formal applications today.

2.4 Final Patch Notes for Diablo II Resurrected!!

Last week after the release, the Hell Summit (2), which leads to a big response, has been filled with a more questions and more of a gentle pleasure. Giron 84 (Assassin), Kim Sung-Meet (Amazon), Kim Jung-min (Talk Show Progress), Sherry (Yarn), Dynasty (Code), Jeongdong (Code), Jeongei (Paladin), Conducted Man (Duid) The popular streas are a commitment to the topic discussions for the faithfulness of the future of their respective jobs. While the quirky winds and the ventilation of the stereotypes, the stereotypes of the stereotypes are irreparated, and the Diablo II fans will stimulate the fantases that have been dreamed at the same time.

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