Requires time and several NPCs in Lost Ark to get Snowflake Shaved ICE. You will spend a lot of silver on the ingredients, as you will also need good luck and chance. It is better to first talk to Isabel in Shushire.

Where to find Snowflake Shaved Ice in Shushire

Giant piece of ice

Barmen Isabel can be found on the eastern side of Ragennce village in Casino Golden Anglerfish. For snow shavings you will need several giant pieces of ice. It is best to purchase 100 of them 150 silver each. The next step is to find a cook Helen.

broken piece of ice

You need to bring giant pieces of ice to cook Elena to turn them into the ingredients for ice “Snowflake”. You can find the worm of Elena in the northern part of the frozen sea next to the cemetery of ships. You can use the nearest waypoint to save time.

Shushire snowflake Shaved Ice Location - Shushire - Lost Ark

Create ice fragments of 400 silver per piece. You also have a chance to get pieces of chopped ice, which you only need five. You can make an ice chips from snowflakes for 1700 silver when you have enough.

Having done all this, simply right-click an item in your inventory To complete the preparation of collectible items.

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