Anno 1800: First Season 4-DLC & Update 14 Today

Season 4 Pass Trailer | Anno 1800
Ubisoft Mainz has prepared new content for Anno 1800: Today both the Update 14 and the germ of hope DLC appear from the Season 4. The activation takes place at 6 pm, then you can start the downloads of the new content. With the germ of hope DLC you revolutionize the agricultural sector of the New World. To get started with it, you first built the Hacienda, which is advanced to the Agricultural Center of your New World Empire. In the add-on, your own estate is built with new ornaments as well as various highly efficient modules. They allow you to brew beer, among other things, to brew your population into space-saving residences.

Revolution of the agricultural sector

In germ of hope, you also assign island-wide guidelines and produces high-quality fertilizer to maximize the yield of your farms and export it into the old world. With “The Silver Cage” also waits in the first Season 4-DLC a new scenario on you, in which you have struggling with harsh weather conditions and at the same time have to fulfill more and higher silver production quotas. You can access the add-on with the Season Pass 4, which is available for 24.99 euros. Alternatively, the three contained DLCs are also available in a single purchase – probably 9.99 euros each.

Update 14: Lots of Bugfixes

In addition to germ hope, the update 14 for Anno 1800 also appears today. The new update is full of bugfixes, general improvements and balancing adjustments. For example, balancing the Pyrphorian generator ruin is adjusted. This makes the demolition only 40 minutes. There are also a revision of the scenario overview screen and the animated mouse cursor. In the storage city menu, the ANNO 1800 fixes (Buy Now 18,00 € / € 17.99) Update, for example, a mistake that did not allow the number of traded goods after the contract list has been opened once.

Two free items for Anno 1800

Also a look at Twitch to secure you to start the germ of hope DLCs two free anno 1800 items. Who turns on an hour with participating streamers, gets the germ of hope banner , for three hours there is the germ of hope wall painting as a free item for the construction game. The items gets her to unlock the DLC tonight. Which extensions for Anno 1800 will continue this year in a separate article.

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