World of Warcraft: Blizzard reveals when you are going to present the new expansion!

Through a very sober press release that Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the time of the meeting for the announcement of the ninth expansion of World of Warcraft. The sequel to Shadowlands will reveal the Tuesday, April 19 at 6:00 p.m. (peninsular schedule) on YouTube and Twitch. A week before the big day, Blizzard officially gives us an appointment!

Patch 10.0: A ninth late expansion?

Usually, it is BlizzCon during the month of November that is usually the meeting place for the Fans of the Warcraft license. In fact, it is at the annual Blizzard conference where players are accustomed to discovering the novelties about the most famous MMORPG to date. However, for two years and the Covid-19 has prevented the celebration of this ceremony and has even pushed Blizzard to reorganize it completely, canceling it completely until further notice.

With the end of the arc dedicated to Shadowlands and the implementation of patch 9.2: Eternity’s End, many players are still anxiously waiting for the continuation of their epic in Azeroth (and beyond). While some more or less credible theories seem to point to an extension with an extremely vague topic of “dragons”, a supposed “filtration” recently revealed new elements that go in this direction and raise the tension a little more. However, to date, nothing really allows you to affirm or invalidate this, not even have an apparent idea about the topic of next expansion.

World of Warcraft Expansion Reveal

But one thing is safe: we will not have access to it immediately. At the same time, Blizzard presented a final lower patch for the Shadowlands expansion: patch 9.2.5. New season, “new” incursions, new affixes… Both content that seems to indicate without official confirmation that the prepatch of the next expansion is still quite far away. We reasonably estimate its deployment at the end of 2022 at best (or in the worst as looked at), if not early 2023. And you?

A double ad planted for wow?

But although the next modern expansion is a burning topic that most World of Warcraft players have been waiting for, another part is about to complete the expansion they have been exploring for several months: Burning Crusade Classic players. With the recent deployment of Zul’Aman and phase 4, we estimate without too many fears a deployment of phase 5 at the end of June or even during July 2022.

But they are recent surveys sent to a handful of players about Wrath of the Lich King Classic who have also given much to talk about World of Warcraft lately. Although little is known about the deployment of this “new” extension, this may, in our opinion, easily expected by mid-year, or even the fall in the “worst” cases.

So, on Tuesday, June 19, 2022 will also be an opportunity for Blizzard to announce good news for the nostalgic of the last expansions of World of Warcraft? Or will this announcement focus exclusively on the modern version of the game? We will see in a few days.

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