Is it possible to change the interface in WOW DRAGONFLIGHT?

During its disclose about the upcoming add-on Dragonflight, the Blizzard Entertainment developer admitted that it was lagging behind. After the superstructure was loaded for more than ten years, the game giant finally will completely change the Warld of Warcraft user interface.

In addition to upgrading the user interface, BLIZZARD finally makes it customizable for users. Players will be able to move various HUD items. around the screen and configure the parameters for each. In addition, players will be able to save, edit and copy each layout. Then the game will remember the layout based on the specialization, which the player uses.

The Big Professions Changes In WoW Dragonflight You Need To Know About

This is a huge and so necessary jump forward for permanent titanium games. Although it may seem trigger, it gives players greater freedom of action. In other MMO, such as Final Fantasy XIV, this feature has been around for many years, and often players can perceive it as proper. But to be able to heal your raid, and then immediately change the talents and the user interface to go on the battlefield? This new extension looks better and better.

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