What is an apocalypse equipment in Outriders WORLDSLAYER?

Outriders Worldslayer - Official Gameplay Overview
It is difficult to call the game a “marauder jockey” if there are not many prey in it. Thus, People Can Fly is an Apocalypse Gear in Outriders with the WorldSlayer extension.

The equipment of the apocalypse is a new level of equipment in Outriders. Like legendary equipment, this inaccessible level will have three slots for mods instead of two. Reports show that the third slot for fashion has been fixed and that the pursuit of this “ideal throw” is part of what will support the prosperity of the endgises. The presence of a complete set of equipment with this third additional slot will lead to insanely powerful assemblies.

The trick in the Apocalypse Gear farm will be a significant increase in Apocalypse levels. This is probably why the World Tier system is overhaul. In order to effectively farm the new levels of the apocalypse, players will need to fully use the ascension system. All this goes well with each other.

However, if WorldSlayer has the same problem as Outriders initially, when this prey is difficult to get, all these changes will be controversial, since the players will simply stop playing the game and completely ignore the grind. The New Horizon update showed that people are able to fly. Let’s hope that it will take root.

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