New Metaverse MMO “Life Beyond” announced with Web3 and block chain-Operate the economy in the game with digital assets

Darewise Entertainment announced the open metaverse MMO Life Beyond ” for PC (currently understigitated platform) and released the trailer.

This work is called the so-called “distributed Internet” WEB 3.0 and the basis block chain An online MMO set as the open metaberse adopted the technology. The player creates an avatar from D, Bartender to a nurse, the mayor from the mayor, D.E.E.E.E. E.P. In order to eradicate the threat of alias “ Doros ” as a member of the agent called E.P, fight with friends I will.

Web 3.0 + Metaverse | Что будет дальше? | Полный разбор интернета будущего | Метавселенная Meta
This work has three major pillars, “ Development ” “ settlement ” “ governance “. “Development” can explore the mystery of Doros and join the battle. We will handle the ancient nanotech that eradicate Doros, collect resources and ancient technologies, purify ancient ruins, and conquer the area. “Settlement” will be developed, and in order to develop the conquered area and to be landed by other players, we will build a residence and provide leisure to the residents. Trade resources, supplies, design drawings, technologies, etc., and support the new civilization of pioneers. Having a thief and offenders, organize defense against attacks from enemies. “Generation” develops the conquered area and defines and establishes society rules. We will elect and organize the market, impose taxes, adjust the economy, and define policies. In addition, it seems that items and NFTs will be sold and controlled by digital assets.

The MMO “Life Beyond” where the real and metaverse world is connected will be delivered for PC (platform undecided). The formal date and time is unknown. In addition, we are currently looking for a tester of the closed beta version on the official site.

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