Nexon Foundation, 1st Borderless Performance: Play Edition

[Kids News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Nexon (Representative Lee Jung-hyun) announced on May 11, on May 11, and May 12, on May 12, the first ‘Borderless Performance: Play Edition’ held.

Borderless supports experimental art creation using game intellectual property (IP), and the social contribution project of the Nexon Foundation, aimed at spreading the cultural content volume of the game and expanding the scenes of art.

The 1st Competition is the subject of ‘Meeting of the Games and Traditional Arts’, and the “Hyundai Yeon-Hee Prototype21”, ‘Hyundai Yeon-Hee Prototype21’, ‘Play Orchestra’, ‘Boss5 (Boss5)’ The three teams entered the final connection. In January, we conducted three team showcase performances at Namsan, Seoul, Seoul.

In the showcase of the 14th and the audience review of the art, the audience and the audience examination, the three teams showed a performance with various traditional art, including Washing Nexon’s representative IP. Hyundai Yeon-Hee Prototype21 team, which has been a traditional Yeon-hee performing a traditional Yeon-hee performing the Maple Story representative monster ‘Slaim’,

This performance and Gala performance in the past showcase, respectively, on May 11 and 12, 7:30 pm Sejong Cultural Hall M Sretor.

Introducing PLAYBOX | Native Instruments

On May 11, this performance is a single performer of Hyundai Yeon-Hee Prototype21, which has been modernly reinterpreting washing on Maple Story IP, and May 12 Gala performance is the three teams, each of the three teams, respectively, Introduce traditional art to spread a different stage.

The performance ticket booking is held at the official homepage of Sejong Cultural Center from 10 am to 10 am on April 25th. The Ticket price is 10,000 won, and the Nexon Foundation will be donated for the purpose of the ticket earnings from this performance.

Kim Jung Wook Nexon Foundation, said, “I hope to be able to inspire many people through unique traditional art works exceeding the boundaries of games and arts,” said the Nexon Foundation actively supports experimental arts of artists, Change of cultural content to illuminate the value of content. “

Meanwhile, the Nexon Foundation will hold the 25th anniversary of the domestic online game in 2019, the past and present, the game of the online game, and the FIRS / INVITE You_ ‘held a “game / invite you_” in 2020 Online discussion programs that share the story of the Korean discussion program ‘Borderless: Tiki Taka game Hwaseonghwa’

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