SVM | Meppen | Lars Büning talks own goal in Cologne

Both goals that Büning scored on Monday night were an eye-catcher. Only the 24-year-old defender arrived in a standard 24-year defender scores and artistically the 1-0 from a short distance for SV Meppen. A few minutes after restart, he met with a deeply attached header – this time in his own box. “A fauxpas who can not happen to me so funny that too,” the defensive man arranged the scene after the game self-critically with “magenta sport”. “I basically wanted to drain the ball and then saw that ‘Harsi’ (Torkeeper Harsman, Note d. Red.) Is at my height.” Few moments later the ball lay in the long corner. “That’s very, very bitter.”

The crushing was still to be fooled Büning after the game (“I totally cost my team two points”), SVM defender could at least with the fact that the 1: 1 final score is synonymous with the now synonymous sealed class preservation of the EMSL countries was. Although it is good to enable the topic finally. In view of the formidable round, the Meppen had played (5th place) and followed a quite crash (last in the back round table), the joy was behaved, however.

It was not all match happiness. I’m hard to say that we have played above our level.

Lars Büning about the round of SV Meppen

“It annoys us as a team animal that we could not stick to the top places,” says Bünning, who did not want to abbey the first round as a kind of positive slip up. “It was not all match happiness. I’m hard to say that we have played above our level.”

Fans Fragen... Lars Bünning
Chef trainer Rico Schmitt rated the 1: 1 in Cologne insofar as a step forward. “Now we have brought a point out there for many weeks for many weeks. That does too well. The draw goes under the stroke in order,” says Schmitt. Although his team had shortly after the break “get a very stupid gate”, but “Nevertheless, I have seen a team that works to liberate from this valley of tears”.

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