Lost Arks update eliminates the gold of more missions

Arca Lost The developers of Smilegate RPG took more measures against the bots this weekend to make some missions less attractive so that the bots can grow. This was done eliminating gold from certain world missions and early strengths, which seems an effective solution, but unfortunately it makes legitimate players no longer have gold to wait when completing those missions. It was not specified in the last set of set patch notes which missions adjusted exactly to meet this goal.

This is not the first time that the lost ark_ I obtained an update like this to adjust the rewards of the missions, and it will probably not be the last. You can find the full patch notes here, but the relevant section that contains the details about changes in missions rewards can be seen below.

Additional corrections

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  • Gold rewards of several previous missions of World and Stronghold were replaced with a variety of new rewards to prevent the bots from growing.

  • Xereon’s dialogue was updated during the search for the temporal alliance in South Vern.
  • A problem was solved that caused the purification text to be shown when placing an object in the fortress.
  • The expiration date of the Feiton Powerpases claimed to reflect the correct date of June 30 was updated.
  • Note that all Powerpases de Feiton will defeat on June 30, regardless of when they have claimed.

The bots have been a recurring problem in Arca Lost Since the beginning of the game with these automated accounts collecting gold from this type of early missions. Doing so has a negative impact on the economy of the game, so it makes sense that gold is eliminated from this type of initial missions. Smilegate made sure to specify the “early” part of those patch notes to suggest that the World and Stronghold missions that grant gold later will continue to pay gold rewards, presumably because there are less incentives for the bots to go to them in comparison with the easiest initial missions..

However, that does not mean that change has gone well in all areas. Some members of the community lamented the fact that gold was eliminated from another set of missions, all in an effort to combat bots. While bots can be a major problem in general, this change also affects everyday players. Some of the arguments presented are certainly slippery pending that does not really indicate what will happen, but at least highlight the problem that some players have with this anti-boot tactic.

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