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Nexon has been expanding in contact with various angles with Dungeon & Fighter IP -based games. It is a strategy to showcase various IP -based games on various platforms and to build a well -made game location that meets users by continuing to actively communicate on various channels.

◆ ‘Dungeon & Fighter’

Dongsucan TV

Nexon’s major online games are attracting attention among influencers who are sensitive to game trends. Influencers are making various attractions with voluntary competition and cooperation, which are focused on games that are easy, popular and communicated to communicate.

In Twitch, famous streamers such as ‘Han Dong -suk’ formed a crew in Dungeon & Fighter (Dunpa), gathering topics, breaking through 100,000 real -time viewers.

The members of the Dungeon Society shared their talks with brilliant talks, which were well received by viewers who were new to the game. The viewers responded in the comments, “I didn’t try Dunpa at all, but it was fun to see anything, but it was fun.”

As influencers communicate and enjoy the game together, it naturally led to an increase in the play indicators. According to the weekly report on the 3rd week of April 3, Dungeon & Fighter recorded an increase of 24.6%compared to last week.

Nexon said it will continue to provide content that many people can enjoy, such as interesting content updates and events.

◆ Dunpa Mobile, the first massive update after launch

‘Dunpamo Mobile’, which captures the original action of Dungeon & Fighter on the mobile platform, has launched its first large -scale update since its launch on April 28.

First, we added a new Apostle Lotus as the first raid content. One of the 12 apostles of the original Dungeon & Fighter will appear as a boss. Lotus uses powerful tentacles and mental controls to deal with adventurers.

It consists of three stages (phase), and the difficulty is higher as the phase progresses. By phase, ‘Coral of Blue Welcome’, ‘Indian Leaders of Pain’, and ‘Empress Serope’ appear as a middle boss, and each dungeon target is different. At the end, ‘Lotus Nest West’ and ‘Lotus’ Nest east’ appear, and enter the Lotus Boss Room and target within 15 minutes to finally clear the raid.

The Apostle Lotus can be involved through the raid attack. The raid raid is a raid that was organized in the waiting room and entered the Raid Village. The raid can attack the dungeons of each Raid Phase in a party. The Lotus Raid raid is composed of two parties and can be composed of up to six people.

Each phase must clear the dungeon within a fixed time, and if you succeed, you will be deducted for raid rewards and participation. One reward is paid for each raid phase, and if you clear the entire raid, you can obtain Epic (top -level) items such as ‘Mysterious Weapons of the Heaven’ and ‘The District of Cheon Sea’.


The two types of former characters of ‘Ger You’, ‘Mechanic’ and ‘Spitfire’ were also newly released. Mechanic is a ranged support dealer that overpowers the battlefield by utilizing the developed robot technology and bombing technology. Unlike other Gunners, it is characterized by focusing on the installation and full width of the robot rather than shooting.

Spitfire is a ranged dealer with a variety of special bullets, grenades, and support shootings, which can strengthen basic attacks and shooting skills through special bullets.

With the first large -scale update, Dunpa Mobile’s hand -tasted hand tastes will be higher.

◆ DNF DUEL ‘Fighting Action Terms… Game check with open beta test ahead of its launch

Nexon will start DNF DUEL service from PC and console platforms such as Game Distribution Platform Steam and PlayStation (PS) 4 · 5 for global users such as Korea, Japan, North America, and Europe from June 28th. Speed up.

DNF DUEL is a 2.5D graphic -based fighting game using ‘Dungeon & Fighter’ IP with 850 million global fandoms. This joint is being developed.

In various areas such as characters, skills, visuals, stories, and balancing, we are developing to experience the action of fighting fighting for users who play differently from other games.

In particular, we implemented 2.5D graphics through UNREAL Engine 4, showing off a variety of beautiful and beautiful visuals, and using rollback netcodes to make the fighting more comfortably with a network connection.

The open beta test, which was held from April 2 to 4, was also successful. In the second test, the sword characters were added to the border of the ghost and human beings, and the Berserker, Striker, Grappler, Heresy Judges, Ranger, and Swords, which appeared in the original ‘Dungeon & Fighter’, were added. A total of 11 characters allowed you to experience fighting.

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile - Prologue - Class preview - PC Version - Mobile/PC - KR
DNF DUEL is receiving great response from overseas fighting game fans. Prior to the first test of Nexon in December last year, YouTube videos of the character actual play vibrant exceeded 5.44 million cumulative views.

In addition, it was first adopted as the official event of ‘Arc World Tour 2022’, a global fighting e -sports competition held by Arc System Works in the second half of this year. Sony Interactive Entertainment America (SIEA) and Nexon Korea will participate as official sponsors.

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