Astro arrives on PS5 with the astro games room

Japan Studio de Playstation joined several other developers with new generation announcements during the recent showcase of PS5 games, revealing the astro games room. Astro joins Ratchet & Clank, Horizon and Spider-Man while the PlayStation exclusives are unveiled during the event and it will be available for free for Sony fans. The Astro games room will present various aspects of the new PlayStation console and the DualSense controller almost as a technological demo in a platform game. The astro games room is preloaded on the console during the launch of the holiday season and it is exclusive for the PS5. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is currently available for the PSVR for new fans to explore before the new episode of the Astro franchise.

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission was originally out on the PSVR as a way to introduce people to VR experience for new fans to explore. The 3D platform game has fully benefited from the helmet and Astro’s Playroom should do the same for the new features introduced with the PS5 and the Dualsense controller. Astro becomes a bit of a PlayStation mascot and the platform robotics will continue this theme from one generation to another. It is currently difficult to know if Astro will also benefit from a new VR experience on the next generation of Playstation.

The Astro games room offers four worlds based on console components that will all use aspects of the DualSense controller such as the haptic return of triggers or the integrated speaker. Since the last Astro adventure will be installed on each PS5, more people will explore the new generation of Playstation with the titular robot.

Astro's Playroom FULL GAME 100% All Trophies (PS5) Platinum

Are you going to explore your PS5 with the help of Astro when it was released with Astro Playroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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