Nexon will be held in May, which will be released in May.

Enmedia Platform (CEO Jae -hwa Song) will hold a large event ‘Nexon X Play Geto May PC Room FESTA!’

In addition to the release of social distances, it will be held for a month in May.

During the event, you can select 20 PC room coupons of Nexon’s popular games such as ‘FIFA Online 4’, ‘Maple Story’, ‘Cartrider’, ‘Sudden Attack’, and ‘Mabinogi’..

In addition, 1,000 points will be paid in the ‘Playetto’ app, and 1,000 points will be provided once a day after logging in QR after visiting the ‘Geto’ affiliate PC room.

Cho Hyun -jung, head of the Enmedia Platform Ghetto Live Headquarters, said, “We expect this event to revitalize the use of PC rooms and help the ghetto affiliated PC room owners find vitality.”

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On the other hand, the Enmedia Platform is an integrated marketing platform company that supports various infrastructure necessary for the operation of PC rooms such as prepaid payment system and game management system based on the PC room management program ‘Getto’. The company is expanding its business to new areas such as ‘The Log’.

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