Nam Gung -hoon KakaoTalk, a fundamental change… Stock price is more than 150,000 won

“We connect to KakaoTalk dozens of times a day. This is a big advantage and limit. It is time for a fundamental change to break through this limit. ”

Nam Gung -hoon, CEO of Kakao, said on the 4th in the first quarter conference call.

Nam Gung said, “KakaoTalk is the main purpose of acquaintance -centered real -time communication, and users are busy with the app after the conversation.” did.

“It is necessary to change the fundamental change to develop into a light service,” he said. If you raise a pet in the KakaoTalk profile, or when the user posts a status message, it will be accompanied by the ability to be sympathetic.

Make sure you have a light sympathy with someone you don’t know. Users with common interests in open chat are forming a self -sustaining community while enjoying music and games. Nam Gung said, “We will take a leap forward beyond the limits of the text -based KakaoTalk by increasing the proportion of images and video.”

In addition, “KakaoTalk uses KakaoTalk through domestic smartphones, which is only 1%of the world. We want to expand our users from 1%to 99%, ”he said.

He also opened his mouth about Kakao Meta Bus. Nam Gung said, “Meta buses are attracting attention because the era of changing user connections online rather than new technology changes.” It is to communicate in the virtual world with another self. ”

Namgung’s representative scenario is to use open chat in this process. “Open chat is an advantageous form that can contain meta bus visions,” he said. An open chat user plans to have a system for creating or buying content.

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To this end, the establishment of a B2C2C structure combined with business transactions (B2Bs) and C2C (individual transactions) is also a task for the creation of Kakao Metabus. For example, an open chat room that can share stock information is to be transformed into paid participation if a user wants to operate the room.

In addition, Nam Gung cited the annual transaction amount of 10 trillion won in commerce business and to improve corporate value. He said, “When I took office as CJ Internet and Wemade, I bought a company’s stock immediately when I was inaugurated as CJ Internet and Wemade.” did.

He said, “We have set a stock price of 150,000 won in order to motivate themselves,” he said..

Meanwhile, Kakao’s 1Q sales increased 31% year -on -year to 1.65 trillion won. Seasonal factors decreased 8% QoQ. Operating profit is 49%QoQ, an increase of 1%year -on -year to 158.7 billion won, with an operating margin of 9.6%.

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