Warzone Season 3 snipers change the return of the HDR

Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 could become one of the largest and most memorable seasons of the Battle Royale of all time – and not only because Kong and Godzilla will stamp through Caldera. Warzone Season 3’s sniper changes, which were carried out by Raven software, should cause significant meta shift, and the effects can be felt less than a week after the start of the new season.

The Swiss K31 and the Kar98k of Modern Warfare were both an integral part of the Warzone Meta for many months, and for sniper enthusiasts it was not advisable to have a different weapon than one of these two in their equipment. But that is definitely no longer the case.

The HDR is the Best Sniper Rifle in Season 3 Warzone (NEW SNIPER UPDATE)
According to WZ rank, the selection rates for the Swiss and the KAR98K have sunk since the update of the 3rd season went live. Both guns had pick rates around the 7%brand, but they were reduced. The KAR98K now has a selection rate of 3.6 % (which still makes it the most eighth weapon in the Loadouts of the players), while the Swiss fell to 2.3 %.

Since these two weapons fall down in the meat arrangement and the changes in snipers polish some too little weapons, there is actually a new top dog in the sniper meta: the HDR. This modern Warfare scorer was a pleasure in the first seasons of the Battle Royale, but was less popular than more long-distance options were added to the game. Before season 3, the HDR moved to the selection rates of around 1 % brand-today it is the most popular sniper in the loadouts of the players with a selection rate of over 4 %.

The AX-50, which, like the HDR, was classified in the category of snipers, which can still kill at any distance with a shot, has also recorded an increase in use to 2.6 %, which is currently more than the Swiss.

While the KAR98K and the Swiss still have their benefits, those who like to love long-distance scorers turn away from them after they have been two of the best Warzone weapons for several months. With HDR and AX-50 on the advance, it feels like in the early Verdansk days.

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