Fortnite becomes playable with the Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS, Android and PC

Microsoft and Epic Games have just announced that Fortnite is now playable on all Xbox Cloud Gaming compatible devices. Key of the operation: If the magic cloud is normally reserved for Game Pass subscribers, only a Microsoft account is required to play the free battle royle on the browser on your phone, tablet or PC.

How to Play Fortnite on iOS and Apple Devices! (Xbox Cloud Gaming)
An announcement that has the gift of cutting the grass under the foot of Nvidia, whose GeForce Now platform already turns Fortnite on mobile but only in closed beta for the moment. Not to mention the palpable joy of Tim Sweeney, very happy to seize this opportunity to taunt Apple, who withdrew the game from his app store for well -documented reasons. To throw Fortnite on Microsoft’s cloud, just go here without the slightest prior installation and connect with its Microsoft account. The title is compatible with controllers or with touch controls.

This partnership with Epic Games comes shortly after the announcement of a figure unveiled by Microsoft: to date, more than 10 million people have tried one of the 350 compatible games Xbox Cloud Gaming as part of their Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. A total of 26 countries are currently concerned by the Xbox Cloud Gaming and therefore by the reinforcement of Fortnite . The Xbox Cloud Gaming recently opened in Mexico, Japan, Australia and Brazil, with the latter particularly encouraging results, Microsoft tells us.

In addition to promising the appearance of other Free-to-Play in the future on its cloud, the Microsoft press release reveals that Microsoft Flight Simulator was the most played Xbox Cloud Gaming title on March on phones, tablets, tablets, PC and consoles. Recall that the pouring of Cloud allows in particular the very gourmet asobo studio game to be accessible from a machine like the Xbox One.

Ad a free-to-play title in our Cloud Gaming catalog is an important step for us. Fortnite is only the start, in the future we will seek to add more free titles, titles you love. At Xbox, we want to make the video game accessible to the 3 billion players of the world and the cloud has an important role to play in this mission. We just want you to have the choice, both the titles to which you play, but Also concerning the way you play “, we can read.

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