Support amount over 330 million yen! With the support of 42,000 people “PUFFPALS: ISLAND SKIES” with a perfect score of cuteness, the KS campaign ends

On May 7, the developer Fluffnest announced that the Kickstarter campaign for raising the development funds for life simulation “ Puffpals: Island Skies ” has ended. In addition, the total support for the campaign, which started on April 7, was more than 42,000 people, with more than 334 million yen ($ 2,564,611) for $ 130.57 ($ 2,564,611). The result is more than double.

Game by stuffed toy shop

This game is a work that is planned and developed by Fluffnest, which sells soft stuffed animals of polyester fabric called “PUFFPALS”. In addition to the founder and the CEO, we are starting from one developer, and is currently under development with an increase in number of employees involved in game development.

The content of the game will be able to enjoy the cultivation of agricultural crops, the customization of the residence, the interaction with the character of the same design as the actual stuffed animal, the exploration in various areas, and the collection elements. In addition to single play, we will visit friends to visit farms and implement online multiplayer that can be searched together have been decided during the Kickstarter campaign.

Achieved all the added stretch goals!

Since the Kickstarter campaign period just in the middle of the previous article, the increase in support amount has increased further, and the stretch goal “ JUNGLE AND UNDERWATER Biome ” and “ Online Multiplayer ” In addition, “ Arctic biome “, “ shop management “, “ community selected by the community: Eternal Night Celestial “, and the last “Amusement Park **” 2 million dollars (about 260 million yen) without difficulty. It is expected that all of the expansion of the presented development range will be realized.

(achieved) $ 75,000 (approximately 9.8 million yen): The initial campaign target amount that enables development

(achieved) $ 100,000: Added fishing elements

(achieved) $ 200,000: Added vegetable and fruits puffpals (character) addition -Cultivation and pets

(achieved) $ 320,000: Ricky and Pete’s recycling center -Exchange treasure with treasures

(achieved) $ 385,000: Added cooking elements -Used during adventure or given to your favorite puffpals

(achieved) $ 450,000: Added arcade game

(achieved) $ 500,000: Nintendo Switch version of this work

(achieved) $ 600,000: Cat-aloupe Pet for all the supporters

(achieved) 700,000: Artbook -Digital and physical version

(Achieved) 80,000 dollars: Desert Runes/ObservaTory Added Biom

(achieved) $ 900,000: Jungle and Underwater Added Biom

(achieved) $ 1 million (about 130 million yen): Online multiplayer element

(achieved) $ 1.1 million: Arctic Biom

(Achieved) $ 1.2 million: Additional of shop management elements -Sold products to Puffpals

This Adorable Farm Sim is Driving People Crazy!! (PuffPals: Island Skies)
(achieved) $ 1.3 million: Added “Eternal Night Celestial” selected by the community

(achieved) $ 2 million (approximately 260 million yen): Additional Amusement Park addition -Special biomes that can be enjoyed with friends

Regarding online multiplayer elements

Regarding online multiplayer, which is a concern for the implementation schedule, the content that is possible is revealed as follows. It is said that these tests will be performed in the alpha version.

  • Published in the community of your farm. (Maximum number of people undecided)

  • Exploration between players and performing quests.

  • Gift gifts.

  • Visit to other people’s farms.

Scheduled to open a Discord server for Alpha version supporters in the future

After the Kickstarter campaign, a Discord server for the alpha version of this work, one of the benefits of more than $ 30 supporters within a few months, will be opened, and will be invited to the target audience by email. The Kickstarter campaign page of this work will also be notified of this matter and future reports. In addition, along with the words of thanks to the supporters, one sketch that started the planning of this game has been released.

This work will be released for PC/Mobile/Nintendo Switch. First, the alpha version for PCs started in 2023, and early access for PCs and mobile began in 2024. After that, the product version will be released. We are planning to respond to Japanese before commercialization.

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