SpVgg Vreden fends off Prussia

The little run of the TSG Sprockhövel was stopped. Finnentrop-Bamenohls Rafael Camprobin Corchero, who hit the leaders three times on Sunday (25th, 72nd, 75th), was the sole responsibility of this. Sprockhövel, on the other hand, hit Demir only once (84th) and had to take a defeat again after three unbeaten games.

For the SG Finnentrop -Bamenohl it was a big step towards relegation – in two games less, the lead over the lower table positions is now five points, which is also due to the fact that TSV Victoria Clarholz and the Hammer SpVG lost their games.

Kingdom of Prussia (1701–1918) Military March
The Victoria lost to the Holzwickeder SC away 1: 2. The HSC thus keeps its chances of staying in the class. With a bankruptcy, the air would have become thin. After hits from Busemann (23rd) and Gomez Dimas (37th) – Aygün, after the break, only a three -point deficit on Clarholz and thus on a non -relegation place.

Meinerzhagen closes

Hamm also had to admit defeat. The SpVG delivered a bleak performance at the TuS Ennepetal and deservedly lost 0: 2. Enzmann (33rd) and Nettersheim (88.) scored the goals for the home team, which can now book a handsome cushion of five points to the relegation ranks. Hamm, on the other hand, lies on the first relegation zone with Clarholz and the RSV Meinerzhagen.

The latter hit SC Westfalia Herne significantly 4: 1 in the opposing place. Yeboah initiated success with a double pack (17th, 42nd). In the meantime, Gweth scored 1: 1 equalization (19th), but the bottom of the day could not really endanger the guests. Tomasello (66.) and Alajbegovic (83.) finally twisted the victory after the break.

vreden almost saved

There is still the game between the SpVgg Vreden and Prussia Münster II, after which the home team would have to go with the devil in order to get off. The Prussian reserve, on the other hand, has finally reached the relegation battle after the third winless game in series.

To the game: Münster started superior, but did not take advantage of his existing opportunities. The best missed shaft that awarded a penalty (14th). Vreden concentrated on needles – mostly for counterattacks. Nijland used one of them to lead SpVgg in the 25th minute. Despite the goal, the guests remained game -determining, but there was no way to get past the strong Breuer in the goal of the home team. After an hour, the hosts switched quickly again, again the ball landed in the Prussian housing. This time it was Easternkötter who met. The guests then tried everything, but the Vreden goal was nailed. And so it stayed with 2-0.

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