Totally normal Rebirth Resurgence Warzone Playlist explained

The total normal battle royal mode in Call of Duty: Warzone receives an update. The original mode came to Warzone on April 20 and on May 20. The game mode decreases something by dropping some of the more serious and more competitive aspects of the game and pursuing a more chaotic approach. This mode is back with a new name for a limited time. Here is everything you need to know about the resuscitation of Totally Normal Rebirth in Warzone.

Warzone Totally Normal Rebirth Resurgence Start and end date

The Totally Normal Battle Royale mode was so popular that the players demanded that they have more appearances instead of only on April 1st. Totally normal Rebirth Resurgence has already started to rotate in playlists and the event ends around the end of May .

What is a completely normal rebirth?

The Totally Normal Rebirth Resurgence is a game mode that brings the fun back to Warz1. This game mode is basically exactly the same as Totally Normal Battle Royale, but instead of playing on Caldera, It is on the island of rebirth .

The mode eliminates all fall damage , so that the players fall into the card without parachuts. There are also unlimited respawns up to the 7th circle. They fall with a pistol and a tank fist rocket launcher who does not kill enemies, but hurls backwards. As if all of this wasn’t enough, every player gets a specialist perk and a free loadout drop. And so you play total rebirth resurgence.

how to play total rebirth resurgence

To play this exciting new game mode, you just have to do the following Select it from the playlists in Warzone . Make sure you play it as long as it takes because this game mode is not yet permanent. Depending on the reaction of the community, this game mode could return or even become permanent.

And that’s all that there is to know Completely normal resurrection of the rebirth in Warzone . This is a crazy time for Warzone, which has more to do with the new Operation Monarch, the new Warzone Mobile and tons. Make sure about all the new content that you follow our Warzone guidelines for Attack of the Fanboy to get the latest overview of what to do and expect. And remember to have fun out there!

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