Rust: bandit warehouse explained

Rust Monument Guide - The Bandit Camp [UPDATED]

Rust: Visit the bandit warehouse is worthwhile

If you need certain objects in Rust, there are several options. The bandit warehouse is particularly practical. A detour there makes sense for several reasons:

  • There are some NPC retailers in the bandit camp. These cover objects such as weapons, resources or important tools.
  • You will find many barrels scattered in the area that you can break up.
  • There is also gambling there: the use is metal scrap, the wheel of fortune decides on victory and defeat.
  • In some areas such as the casino you are not allowed to wear weapons. This also includes tools such as ax and pointed hoe. There is a warning when disregarding, shortly afterwards the NPC guards open the fire.
  • Important for PvP servers: In general, the bandit warehouse is considered a peaceful z1. Any gun acts against other players are not tolerated.

If you get into a battle with the NPC guards, you will be marked as hostile for 30 minutes. On every return to the warehouse within this time, you will be attacked again. With good equipment and several players, it is quite possible to defeat the guardians – this should best be planned.

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