Standalone, which makes life as a fuel, standalone

This year’s Indie Arts Room Corner has set up its own booths for several indie game developers to show their games. Among them, there was a game that showed off its presence with beautiful visuals, and it is ‘Stand-Alone’, a new work developed by Indie Development Team ‘Lifuel’.

The standalone is a 2D side -scrolling action log -like game that is made by two developers, Lifuel, as the team name is, ‘burning developer’s vitality as fuel’. Lee Do -woon, who is in charge of programming in Ripuel, introduced the goal to capture the unique fun that was not seen in the existing loglike to allow players to immerse themselves in the story and to feel new in repetitive battles.

In recent reviews, I played several action log -like games, so I naturally visited the standalone, which is a ‘action rogue with new fun’. I wanted to see what the new attempts they showed and the flooding of the flooding action rogue would be a standpoint work. I immediately experienced the ‘standalone’ demo build in the Ripuel booth.

The Demonstration Building for the Play Expo of Standalone is decorated with short content of about 5 to 10 minutes. From a short prologue that tells the story of the AI robot, which is parasitic in the organisms of the organism, which is a serious breakage, from a serious breakage, a regular stage section where you can practice basic operation, acquire skills, and organize your own combo combination. And this three skill sets include the ‘boss battle’ where you can fight the strongest. The operation is defensive, attack, jumping, the skill button for using the technologies acquired during battle, and the direction key.

The first point in the battle of Lepuel was the ‘Ligue System’, which recovered when the enemy was attacked and succeeded in a quick counterattack. Thanks to the system, it was possible to taste exciting battles like hunting for more than 10 enemies at the same time, and to flexibly solve the battle without much physical consumption.

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Normally, in the general monster phase in Logg Game, it is common to play a somewhat passive play, noticing each attack to prevent physical strength ahead of the boss battle. In the standalone, thanks to the ‘Ligue System’, it was possible to actively battle and continued the attack, not just a passive and avoiding battle.

The second feature is in the skill system that can be combined in various ways. In addition to regular attacks, you can place four useful combat skills with skills that can be obtained during the stage, and you can add two ‘characteristic core’ for each skill to decorate your own skill set. Following the active skill of raising enemies into the air, strategic design could be possible depending on the situation, such as combining the skills in the form of falling down and extracting high DPS instantaneously.

The last third feature is ‘paring’. ‘Standalone’ is a game of a side -scrolling action genre that runs with a quick breath, but a ‘paring’ system, which reads the opponent’s pattern in special cases such as boss wars, has been introduced. In addition to identifying the pattern of the boss, it is difficult to familiarize yourself with the faring timing, which is different from the charging time of the weapon you use, but when the paring is successful, you can put all the combo instantly beyond the stiffness. ‘Free Deal’ timing occurs. In fact, if you succeeded in three paring in the boss, the power of the paring and the pleasure of coming here were significant enough to cut all the boss’s blood.

I listed the advantages I felt while playing the demonstration version, but in fact, the demonstration build of ‘standalone’ was not neatly finished. Considering that it is a demonstration building for the event, there are many unfinished parts, such as the middle game stops. “We are developing a game while not sleeping for 48 hours to participate in the Play Expo and showcase the game as soon as possible, but we still have a lot of shortcomings, but there are still many shortcomings. “It’s true.”

It is obvious that it is unfinished in many ways, but there was a attractive point that never faded in it, so it is soft and sophisticated dot visuals. Each dot that made up the boss was able to see how it moved smoothly as if looking at a well -made animation, and the unique directing in the conversation with the NPC was attracted to the completion of the ‘standalone’.

Representative Lee Do -woon said, “The current standalone is less than 50%of its completion. It is a tight schedule that is less than the moon, but I also conveyed my ambition to show the completion of the vitality as soon as the team’s name is.

Refuel, a new developer composed of two indie developers, says that the best marketing that can spread their games is to make a good game that makes it feel like a well -made game. The first work, ‘Standalone’, which is trying to make a ‘good game’ only every day and weekdays, will be cheered to be a shining game in many action rogue games.

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