World of Warcraft Burning Temple Classic

[Source: Blizzard Entertainment]

The anger of the Sun Sam, a large -scale content update to decorate the end of the World of Warcraft Burning Temple Classic, was applied today (13th).

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Azeroth’s warriors must be concluded with the Blood Elf Prince Calas Sunstrider, who once again collapsed. A new alliance with the Burning Legion, he simulates the wicked plot to absorb the power of the sun glands and hold a demon summoning consciousness.

Through this sun’s anger, players can see the following features.

▲ New regions and camps: Kudanas Island -A new daily daily quest center that provides more and more quests over time. In this center, the new faction, the collapsed solar attack, will be rewarded as a reward.

▲ New Dungeon: Magician’s Garden -Prepare a battle against Kalas’ troops and corps.

▲ New raids: The Sun Spring Plateau – In this new 25 -member raid, players should prevent Kilesen, one of the heads of the headquarters that leads the invasion of Azeroth of the burning corps. One of the changes for the players is that unlike the original burning temple classic, there is no need for a separate coordination to deal with the last three heads.

▲ PVP Season 4 -Player who enjoys battles between players can play a battles of glory for a brutal gladiator equipment set. In addition, you can buy the previous three and second season sets at a lower cost.

All image materials can be found at the Blizzard Press Center, and more details about the anger of the sun gland can be found on website .

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