Grand Chase Tier List

Welcome to our list of Grand Chase levels! In this list, we will try to find the best heroes of the Grand Chase divided into classes. In each class, we will describe in detail the heroes of higher rank, but we will not classify them, because each hero of this list has a unique skills that makes it better and stronger than the others. Our goal is to help you understand which heroes are the best in the game and to whom you should call when the time comes. In summary, here is a list of high level heroes of Grand Chase. We hope that our Grand Chase list list will be useful to you, especially if you are new in the game. Take pleasure!

Mage Ranger Healer Assaut Tank

Tank hero

Ronan is the firstborn in the Erudon family, one of the most prestigious families in Kanavan who were generals of the royal guard during generations.

Ronan is an RS tank that can successfully protect his allies in almost all situations. His first competence triggers a jump attack on all enemies while offering a shield to all allies at the same time. Its second competence removes all the negative effects of the whole team and makes the allies invincible for a brief period. Ronan’s particular competence uses the power of the storm to harm enemies and increase the magic damage of all allies. In addition, it erases all harmful effects and gives invincibility for 5 seconds. With each enemy attack on Ronan, their damage decreases which allows Ronan to survive even the deadliest attacks. Ronan is chosen for the list of Grand Chase list for a reason!

Jin was born in the terrestrial kingdom of Sliver and he was a troublemaker who liked to play on the village square by making other children his subordinates.

Jin is an RS tank that can use his chi strength to protect his allies and devastate enemy ranks. His first competence consists in applying a shield to the whole team and allows him to attack opponents with obliterating force. Shortly after a successful load, it can recharge without spending a SP. His second competence consumes all the accumulated chi force to grant stone immortal status to all allies. Under the effect of Stone Immortal, the damage suffered by the allies is strongly reduced and they draw Chi bullets every second towards the enemy with the greatest attack power. Jin’s special skills allow him to fly to a group of enemies that inflicts enormous damage and heals the allies. The damage caused by his special skills is devastating. Jin also has a passive capacity which gives him a chance to create chi after each attack. He can stack up to 10 chi at a time and during this time, his strike on 5 is based on AOE. Jin deserved his place in the list of Grand Chase list because his presence on the battlefield immediately modified the probabilities.

Zero is the owner of a powerful Sword Grandark demon who seeks to take revenge on the old Deel demon who brandishes a powerful eclipse.

Zero is an RS tank that is treated with each critical blow inflicted. His first competence protects the allies with a shield, which gives them a chance to carry out control of Grandark and to attack their enemies for an average damage announcing their attacks. Grandark’s control increases the primary statistics of all allies and grants them immunity to abnormal statutes. His second competence throws him into a group of enemies who are encouraged to target Jin for 8 seconds. Jin also receives a shield before executing this competence. Jin’s special competence attracts all enemies into the dimensional abyss which inflicts many damage and increases all the damage received by 30% for 15 seconds. Passive capacity allows him to increase his maximum level of health and to treat part of his lost health after each successful critical blow. If it reaches a critical blow with its basic attack, the recharge time of all the skills is reduced and the damage received by all the allies reduced by 30% for 5 seconds. Zero cannot protect his allies like other superior assault tanks, but his damage is enormous and it is extremely difficult to kill, which is why he is placed on the list of Grand Chase hunters.

A sin which is also known as Blue Fox, is a boy who met the famous silver knight Asin Tarin when he was seriously injured. He used Asin Tarin to learn everything he knew and let him die, hoping that he would become the most powerful silver knight after Tarin’s death.

Asin is an RS chariot who can protect his allies with Shield and harass his enemies with nasty scars. His first skill applies shield to all allies and allows him to attack enemies inflicting average damage and applying Demon Scar to all enemies for 7 seconds. Enemies with demons of scars receive 10% of the physical damage per check of the demon (maximum of 3 scars). His second competence also allows him to attack enemies who inflict significant damage and reduce the damage it inflicts by 50% for 20 seconds. Asin’s particular competence creates a powerful shield for all party members and creates water pillars on the targeted location that inflicts enormous damage. Enemies who carry demon scars undergo 30% additional damage and their number of damage is reduced by 70%. His passive capacity fills him up to 4 times with the power of the water and gives the aura of the blue fox to the nearby allies. In the aura of the blue fox, all the allies launch a blue orb every 2 seconds against their nearest enemies. Blue Orb is a little more powerful than a basic attack. Asin considerably decreases the damage and, therefore, he and his allies live much longer. It is an excellent addition to any team, so it must be mentioned in the list of Grand Chase list.

Assault Heroes

Daughter was born half -demon and half human from a father of unknown origin and a human mother. He lived in a circus as an attraction until he masters the skills of the assassin and created Assassin’s Guild.

Lass is an SR Assault who murders his opponents and increases the chances of his opponents to play a critical role. His first competence allows him to quickly fly to an designated destination, devastating everything in his path and leaving Assassin Mark on all the targets he strikes. His second competence allows him to jump on the group of enemies, inflicting huge damage and even more with a target with Assassin’s Mark. If this skill is essential, it can be executed freely again. Lass’s special capacity uses his fast movements and excellent handling of the sword to crush all around him with a devastating force, making all the targeted enemies pulverized and defenseless for 15 seconds. After having achieved a critical blow, he increased the chances of critical blow of all the allies for 10 seconds. In addition, after hitting the enemy 4 times, he automatically wins 3 consecutive strikes and left Assassin’s Mark. Lass is a killing machine whose damage is one of the largest of all the heroes mentioned in the list of Grand Chase levels.

ELESIS was born as an eldest girl in the Sieghart family. She trained as hard as possible, being old enough to manipulate a sword and occupying the post of captain of the Red Knights for several years, her only objective being to destroy Kaze’aze.

ELESIS is an SR assault which continuously increases the statistics of all allies and which can deceive death on certain occasions. Its first competence projects a sword on enemies, inflicting average damage to anyone who is in its path and inflicting considerable damage when it strikes the final target whose attack is canceled later. Her second competence gives her a personal shield that lasts 8 seconds, after which she jumps into the fight and eliminates all the enemies consecutively for a quantity of average damage, bringing them together in the same place during the process. The particular skill of Elesis allows him to jump towards the designated area by destroying everything in its path and stifling all those who survived the initial attack. Its passive capacity increases the statistics of all allies to a certain point (max 30%) and when the maximization of skills occurs, their attack speed is increased by 100% for 10 seconds. . In addition, when she is about to die, she becomes invincible for 3 seconds and regenerates 20% of her life points while all her recharge times are reset. Elesis is an incredible assault that makes the whole team more deadly and has one of the biggest damage of all the heroes mentioned in the list of Grand Chase levels.

Dio is a demon who joined Grand Chase to try to open a dimensional portal that will bring him home.

Dio is a SR Assault that increases the magic damage received by all those against him. His first competence calls for a gigantic lance which repels all enemies and inflicts them with average damage. Once the enemies are pushed, a large explosion occurs, causing average damage and applying latent fear to all enemies. All people affected by latent fear are reduced to silence if dio strikes them with their basic attack. His second competence invokes a huge demon hand that inflicts average damage to everyone and stuns them for 3 seconds. DIO’s particular competence forces all close enemies to kneel, inflicting average damage to them and stunning them for 8 seconds. By performing this special skill, Dio increases the magic damage of all allies by 20% for 10 seconds. Its passive capacity increases the magic damage received from all enemies and after each 7th blow, it causes the black star, inflicting additional damage and blocking the use of the skills of the most powerful enemy of HP. The damage inflicted by DIO is not the most important, but it can control the battlefield as no other, which is why Dio is part of the list of Grand Chase levels.

Kanavan is one of the leaders who survived the great explosion of Kounat with Raven. Kanavan and Serdin led the refugees to Bermesiah and became the first queen in the Kanavan kingdom.

Kanavan is an SR assault that uses its sword energy loads to harm its opponents. Her first competence makes her responsible for enemies, leaving 1 sword of energy behind. Load attacks can be used up to 2 times. Her second competence consists in swinging her sword, inflicting a large amount of damage to all enemies and leaving behind 2 swords. Kanavan’s particular skill gives him his place in the designated area, erasing everything in its path and leaving 3 Energy sword. Its passive capacity creates Sword Seal near Kanavan, ensuring that all the enemies close to Sword Seal receive 1 sword energy per second, which increases the damage by 30% and their inflicts 250% of physical attacks if it stacks Four times. Kanavan’s damage production is incredible and it is probably the best damage donor from the Large Chase levels list.

Edel is a member of Frost Family who goes in search of his lost twin brother, Adel, and a treatment for a strange pain in the right eye. During the trip, she received the help of Violet Mage Guild and joined Grand Chase.

Edel is an SR assault that breaks the armor of its opponents with its blade and its pistol. His first competence allows him to attack enemies and overthrow them, inflicting heavy damage to them. Enemies attacked will see their recovery rate reduced by 60% for 8 seconds. If more than 4 enemies are affected by this charge, the load can be executed again without spout fees. His second competence is to launch a blade of wind to overthrow enemies and inflict many damage. All attacked enemies receive the Armor Break status which increases the damage suffered and decreases the speed of movement. Edel’s particular skill uses the energy of the moonlight and bites enemies, causing enormous damage and applying Armor Break. His passive capacity allows him to use his Flintlock support weapon after each 7th basic attack which inflicts average damage and applies Armor Break for 3 seconds. Although the damage inflicted on Edel is not the most important, it weakens and slows down the enemies, ensuring that each attack counts. Without a doubt, she will play an important role in any team, which is the main reason why she is mentioned in the list of Grand Chase prize list.

Yulia is the commander of the Demon Force Guilty Seven team. Before that, she was an ordinary soldier, but when the opportunity to lead was offered, she did her best to use it correctly.

Yulia is an S assault that uses clones to fight against her enemies. His first competence allows him to go to the designated area and eliminate all enemies on his way, which inflicts average damage to him. If she has a clone called, the clone will attack simultaneously. His second competence calls for a clone and launches it in an designated area causing minor damage. The clone will fight alongside Yulia for 20 seconds. Yulia’s special capacity invokes 4 clones and allows her to load her opponents at the same time as clones inflicting incredible damage. If there are less than 4 enemies in its path, the damage is multiplied by 2. The passive capacity transforms it and invokes it into a weapon of the world of demons when the maximization occurs. During the transformation, Yulia is immune to the effects of status and increases the chances of criticism by 30% while reducing the damage inflicted by enemies by 30%. Yulia is a hero S, but her skills make her more powerful than the majority of SR Heroes, which is why we have placed her in the list of large hunts.

Balzac is one of the avatars made by God who also created Kricktria. It is the most aggressive and violent avatars created and uses flames to torment the human world.

Balzac is an assault that inflicts additional damage to the injured opponents. His first competence allows him to attack enemies causing minor instant damage. During the load, he created an infernal fire around him which inflicts considerable damage over time to anyone who is near him. Its second competence is centered on the single target which inflicts a huge amount of damage. Balzac’s particular competence releases the power of hell against a single target which destroys it completely and creates a fire from hell around it, which inflicts considerable damage over time. Its passive capacity grants it the 1.5 damage multiplier against any person whose state of health is less than 40%. Balzac is probably the best repairer of damage to a target, making it an irreplaceable member of the list of Grand Chase levels.

Olivia is the guardian of the Berta Mers who defeated the famous crew of Claw Pirate. In her adventures, she was helped by Hakar, the vice-captain of Claw Pirates.

Olivia is an S assault that uses Chilling Dust to treat its enemies. Its first competence allows it to load towards an designated area causing minor damage and activating the cooling effect on all targets affected by coolant. His second competence uses his fencing capacity to strike all enemies on the battlefield, causing her minor damage and applying chilling dust. Olivia’s particular competence murders the single target and reduces its 50%damage. During the execution of a special competence, Olivia’s damage is increased by 50%, while all the other allies see their damage increased by 40%. Passive capacity allows him to leave a pile of icy dust by attacking. When an enemy has 5 stacks of chilling dust, it undergoes moderate damage and the chilling effect is activated. Cooling effect reduces enemy’s damage by 3% per battery while increasing the damage of allies of the same quantity. Olivia is another hero who deserved to be placed on the list of Grand Chase list. You may think it is not as strong as the other people on this list, but its ability to mitigate the damage caused by the Allies makes it very important.

Mage heroes

Ley was born low with an incurable disease. Her father asked the famous sorcerer Oz to heal her. Thanks to the transplant of the lower nucleus of ancient Demon Dual, Ley has miraculously survived, but it now has a soul of Demon Edna in it.

Ley is an SR mage who calls demons and shares their strength in the face of enemies. His first competence invokes Jeeves in the targeted location and inflicts average damage to him. During the summons, Jeeves will charge enemies who inflict average damage and postpone them. His second competence invokes Haunt in the targeted location and inflicts minor damage to him. Haunt will follow the nearest enemy, causing minor damage over time and reducing their standard of living. Ley can invoke up to 3 hauns. Ley’s special capacity creates a black hole that aspires close enemies and causes a devastating explosion. Passive capacity allows it to share main statistics with its invocations and upgrade its basic attacks, which can now cause AOE damage. During the battle, it also improves its invocation every second, covering their health, reducing their recovery period and increasing their damage. It may seem that the damage inflicted on Ley is not very important, but combined with her convocation, she makes the difference on the battlefield, which is why she is mentioned in the list of Grand Chase levels.

Veigas is a member of the Earth family who wonders through different worlds in search of power. He now returns with a single mission: to find and destroy Aernas and DIO, managers of moderates.

Veigas is an SR mage whose damage increases with the use of each skill. Its first competence creates up to 12 Dark Holes which explode and inflict minor magic damage. Distortion competence can be used to explode all dark holes at the same time for additional damage. His second competence targets an enemy who will be knocked out for 3 seconds and who will attract all the nearby enemies to exploding and inflicting average damage after the shooting. All dark holes will also be attracted to the selected targets which inflict additional damage in the event of an explosion. Veigas’ special competence invokes several dark spears that fall from the sky and cause ravages against all targets. The damage caused by this skill is incredible. Passive capacity increases the damage inflicted by Veigas by 2% after each skill used, up to 20%. The damage inflicted by Veigas is extraordinary and its presence on the battlefield considerably improves the chances of winning for the Allied team. Veigas is one of the best heroes on the list of Grand Chase levels.

Agios is a demon that was a test subject in the Secret Fermat research laboratory. He destroyed the laboratory and escaped from the center after which he was considered disappeared.

Agios is a mage who combines sacred power and demonic power in the face of enemies. His first competence uses sacred power to draw sacred bullets that explode and inflict decent damage. After the explosion, the bullets split into 6 smaller holly balls which fly in different directions and which cause minor magic damage. The enemies affected by the ball receive a sacred mark. His second competence uses a demonic power to explode a black sphere that inflicts average magic damage. The enemies affected by the explosion bear the Demon Mark brand. Agios’ special capacity combines sacred power and demonic power to maximize its skills. Once the merger is immune to the abnormal effects, its recharge time is reduced by 50% and, when it attacks, it automatically activates Power Explosion with its skills that are used for free throughout the duration of merger. Its passive capacity allows it to cause an explosion of power in affected enemies of the brand opposite to the current power of Agios. For example, if he uses a demonic power attack on an enemy affected by Holy Mark, an explosion of power will be triggered. The explosion of power on enemies with the sacred brand will reduce their recovery by 40% and that on enemies with the demon brand will increase the damage inflicted by 100%. Agios is very interesting for the game, because you never know what power it will use, but after a certain time, you can control its actions to become extremely powerful. Agios is perhaps difficult to play but its place in the list of Grand Chase list is well deserved.

Rasel is a noble girl with a dark flame. His soul was swept away by the sorcerer Marvoram, who signed a contract to lead a group of elite soldiers, but who was deceived and he now remains with a disorderly group.

Reading is an SR forest ranger who uses his bow to mark the prey and apply the avenging spirits of incontent. His first competence follows consecutively with penetrating arrows that inflict average damage to all people on the way and have 50% chance of marking the enemies of Incades Soul. His second competence calls for a rain of arrows which falls on the designated area with 50% chance of scoring whoever is inside with Increl’s Soul. The enemies blocked by this competence undergo average damage and their movement is reduced by 100%. The special skills to read trigger a penetrating giant arrow which inflicts obliterating physical damage to the single target and enormous damage to all other penetrated enemies. Passive capacity allows him to apply the Inadulum brand and its avenging spirit with each elementary attack. Each mark of incontent on the enemy increases the damage inflicted by reading by 2% (maximum 20%) and when an enemy receives 5 spirit of revenge on itself on itself spirits to explode the target up to 12% of its maximum life points. The damage inflicted by reading is catastrophic, making it one of the best damage merchants on the list of Grand Chase levels.

Hero Healer

Amy was born in Silver Land and quickly became one of the youngest candidates in Oracle. After the destruction of the Silver Knights headquarters, she decided to go north and join the Grand Chase.

Amy is an SR heal who heals the allies and recovers their SP. Its first competence recovers an average amount of health and applies the love buff which increases the gain of SP by 50%. Its second competence recovers a minor health quantity for all allies and creates a festival area where the damage received is reduced by 15%. Amy’s special competence recovers a minor health quantity every second for 15 seconds. For the duration of this skill, 12 PF are automatically recovered, while the recharge time of your allies is reduced by 70%. Passive capacity gives it 15% chance of recovering 1 SP with each basic attack. Amy is one of the best healers of the game that allows her allies to use her skills almost all the time. Its virtues are recognized in the list of Grand Chase list.

Grand Chase Classic Tier list 200k-300k

Citron is the member of Holy Knights who was lost after the battle of Holy Kingdome. Shortly after, she fell on the great Chase who saved her and allowed him to fight with them.

Lime is a SR healer who heals the allies with each strike against enemies. Its first competence recovers a minor health quantity for all allies and allows Lime to attack enemies causing minor damage. The recovery amount increases with each enemy attacked. Its second competence instantly recovers a minor health for all allies and eliminates all negative effects on all allies for 3 seconds. Lime’s special capacity calls on a gigantic hammer that falls on the designated area and inflicts average damage to all enemies inside and heals 50% of the life of all allies. Passive capacity gives Lime 10% chance of treating its allies of 30% of its magic attack with each elementary attack. When his enemies get closer, his attacks turn into melee attacks which give better chances of healing. In addition, when an ally is close to death, lime makes them invincible for 5 seconds and makes them 30% of their life. Lime is not only a great healer, it can also impose a reasonable amount of damage to enemies, which is one of the reasons why it is part of the list of large hunts.

Serdin is the person who gathered the survivors of the Kingdom of Kounat destroyed by a great explosion and created a new kingdom called Raven on the continent Bermesiah after a long trip. She is now known as the first queen of the Kingdom of Serdin.

Serdin is a SR healer who heals and protects the allies and wreaks havoc in the enemy ranks. Its first competence creates a burst of wind in the designated area, inflicting minor damage to anyone inside and causing a weakened state increasing the damage inflicted on the enemy by 30%. When Serdin strikes the enemy under the effect of the weakened state, it treats all its allies for part of the damage inflicted. His second competence creates an average shield on all allies and instantly restores average health to all. The particular skills of Serdin allow him to create a large shield on all the allies and to instantly restore a large amount of life. In addition, for 10 seconds after the execution of special competence, the basic attack on all allies is increased by 100%. Passive capacity improves the attack on Serdin for 20 seconds after the use of a skill. The reinforced attack becomes a multi-target attack and the damage inflicted is increased by 200%. Serdin is not only the best healer, she is one of the best heroes in the game with Kanavan. It definitively deserves a special place in the list of Grand Chase list.

Sachi is the mysterious dancer of the desert. She is rarely seen and only appears when someone is lost in the desert to revive it with his dance.

Sachi is a healer who heals and revives her allies. Its first competence recovers a minor quantity of health per second to all allies for 5 seconds. His second competence instantly restores a minor health for all allies and erases all negative effects. Schi’s special skills allow all allies to use their skills for 5 seconds without recharge time. The passive capacity resuscitates 1 ally to death. The resurrection recharge time is 60 seconds. Sachi may seem ordinary, but his presence on the battlefield greatly influences the outcome of the fight. It is placed on the list of Grand Chase list for a reason!

This ends the list of Grand Chase levels. We mentioned all the best heroes in the game and we tried to explain their mechanisms to you. We hope you enjoyed it, but if you have concerns or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us. All comments from the community are welcome because we want to establish the best level of levels in the Grand Chase possible. Thanks in advance!

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